What Evil Is This ?

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
"... we know that vaccines are killing people of color — blacks, Latinos, indigenous people — at about two times the rate of white Americans,” Becerra explained during a digital “White House Convening on Equity” seminar on April 14.

After acknowledging the lethality of COVID shots, Becerra explained that approximately 80 percent of the American public is vaccinated: yet "the government needs to work harder to vaccinate Americans who have refrained from getting inoculated," he argued.

HHS Secretary Becerra Claims COVID Vaccines ‘Kill People Of Color’ At ‘Twice The Rate Of Whites,’ Vows To ‘Work’ Harder To Get More People Vaccinated | From the Trenches World Report
Gateway Pundit – by Alicia Powe After months of mandates forcing people to get two and three doses of COVID-19 vaccines to keep their jobs...
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