What Bolsheviks Do Because We Let Them

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
Canadian Province Trying To STARVE Unvaxxed… Allows Grocery Stores To Ban Them From Buying Food
Grocery stores in the Canadian province of New Brunswick province have been given the power to ban shoppers who haven’t been ‘vaccinated’ against Covid-19
Montana’s GOP governor pushing for more residents to get vaccinated; has invested nearly $800k in vaccine maker Pfizer | From the Trenches World Report
Vaccine News – by JD Heyes If we ever want to have some semblance of honor and integrity restored to our governing institutions, the first...
EU wants to abolish Nuremberg Code, reconstitute medical fascism with forced covid “vaccination” | From the Trenches World Report
Fascism News – by Ethan Huff It is about to be a very dark winter for Europe (and probably the rest of the world, too) now that...
Fauci Tells Americans They Should “Ask and Maybe Require” Their Holiday Guests Show Proof They Are Vaccinated | From the Trenches World Report
Gateway Pundit – by Cristina Laila Dr. Fauci says Americans should tell their Christmas guests to show their papers. Fauci said only vaccinated Americans can...
Texas dads arrested after getting vocal at school board meetings say superintendent aims to ‘silence’ them | From the Trenches World Report
Fox News Two Texas fathers who got arrested for allegedly disturbing meetings of the Round Rock Independent School District school board told Fox News they ultimately blame the school board and...
Hot Mic Catches Politicians Joking About Having Christmas Party While Cancelling Christmas for Everyone Else | From the Trenches World Report
Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist If there is one theme that underlies the entire covid debacle, since the beginning, that theme has been...
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