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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
Exclusive: Inside the military’s secret army, the largest undercover force ever
Thousands of soldiers, civilians and contractors operate under false names, on the ground and in cyberspace. A Newsweek investigation of the ever-growing and unregulated world of “signature reduction.”
How Leftists Are Building The Framework For ‘Parenting Licenses’
Licensing of parents might still sound fringy, but it’s an old social engineering dream that dies hard. And they’re busily building the road to get there.
COVID-19: Vienna brothel offers customers 30 minutes with ‘lady of their choice’ in exchange for coronavirus jab | From the Trenches World Report
Sky News A brothel in Vienna is providing COVID-19 vaccinations and giving those who take up the offer vouchers for a free visit. Fun Palast...

How They Think:

Al Gore’s latest ‘solution’ to climate change is mass surveillance -- Sott.net
Meanwhile, new research finds that the carbon footprints of the wealthiest 1% are on track to be 30 times larger than the size compatible with limiting global warming to 1.5°C Speaking from the private jet and super yacht owners gathering,...

Bourla, a Jew, and Pfizer CEO, stated mRNA vaccines could be used with people who are "born with a mistake in their DNA," and clearly referred to mRNA vaccines as "gene editing." Globalists are entrenched in eugenics and think they should decide who is born with a "mistake"

Pfizer CEO Calls mRNA Technology “Gene Editing” and Wants to Use the Technology to “Cure” People “Born with a Mistake in Their DNA Code”
Pfizer’s public image has taken quite a beating in recent days, as a whistleblower who worked on their COVID-19 vaccine trials turned over her evidence to the British Medical Journal which published it, revealing that there was massive fraud during the COVID-19 vaccine trials. There have also been r…
Pfizer CEO Labels Professionals Who Challenge the Official Narrative “Criminals”
A few days ago, the Atlantic Council interviewed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer, Albert Bourla. Watching it was another one of those “I
Pfizer CEO Says CIA And FBI Are Helping Them Hunt Down ‘Criminals’ Who Spread ‘Misinformation’ About Vaccines | From the Trenches World Report
EnVolve Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has admitted that the CIA and FBI are helping the Big Pharma giant root out ‘criminals’ who spread misinformation about...

Their Thugs:

MOB JUSTICE: Judge, jurors threatened in Rittenhouse, Daunte Wright trials | From the Trenches World Report
100% Fed Up In recent days, BLM and antifa activists have issued threats to the Judge presiding over Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial as well as the...

Their Politicians:

Australia has Fallen - Premier announces two-tier society by banning the Unvaccinated from all social, hospitality, and care settings whilst “rewarding” the Fully Vaccinated
The Premier of Queensland, Australia has announced that fully vaccinated Queenslanders will be “rewarded” by December 17th 2021, by being allowed to live their

Their Functionaries:

Biden Staffer Reveals the REAL Reason Behind the Mandates | From the Trenches World Report
jim0316a November 8th, 2021. If you understand the word “Compliance” you know it means “Control”. They are showing their hand all the way.

Their Science:

LIES, DAMN LIES AND NHS STATISTICS The head of the NHS, Amanda Pritchard says the NHS ‘is running hot,’ and urged people to book their COVID booster jab

Their Results:

BREAKING – 35,924 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England during the first 8 months of 2021 according to ONS data
Official Office for National Statistics data has inadvertently revealed that 35,924 people have died within twenty-one days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in Engl
Since children were offered the Covid-19 Vaccine deaths among male Children have risen by 86%
An investigation of official ONS data has revealed that since the Covid-19 vaccine was offered and administered to kids in England and Wales there has been a 86
MIT Scientist and Professor on Exposing COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries: “You Have to be Careful Because You Could be Eliminated”
Today I bring you more evidence that the leaders of the U.S. Government health agencies and the pharmaceutical companies producing the COVID-19 “vaccines” are guilty of crimes against humanity, including mass murder. I have been criticized and censored by many even in the alternative media for using…
INVESTIGATION - Deadliest batches of the Covid-19 Vaccines were disproportionally sent to red Republican states across the USA
On October 31st we exclusively revealed how an investigation of the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) found extremely high numbers of adver
More Australians have died due to the Covid-19 Vaccines than have died of Covid-19 in 2021 according to official data
Official data made public by the Australian Government shows that by mid October 2021, Australia had officially suffered more deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccine
Athletes Around the World are Dropping Like Flies with Heart Problems
Someone has put together a video montage showing the sheer volume of athletes around the world dropping like flies with heart problems. And the corporate media calls this a “mystery.” How many people ever heard of the word “myocarditis” prior to the COVID shots? But don’t blame it on the “vaccines.”…
German Media Reports ‘Puzzling’ Surge in Heart Disease Among Soccer Players
What could possibly be causing ‘an unusually large’ number of professional and amateur soccer players to collapse on the field with heart problems?
German Newspaper Highlights ‘Unusually Large’ Number of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed Recently
German Newspaper Highlights ‘Unusually Large’ Number of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed Recently
DOZENS of Pro Athletes Around the World Are Dropping Like Flies with Heart Problems
DOZENS of Pro Athletes Around the World Are Dropping Like Flies with Heart Problems
Bad GovernanceBad LeadersBad Medicine

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