Vaccines Have Always Caused Prion Diseases

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

(Among other devastating chronic illnesses)

PROOF: COVID vaccines cause prion diseases
Twitter suspended my account (likely forever since there is no appeal) due to one post on prion diseases. Here’s the information they wanted to make sure you NEVER find out.

If it wasn’t the COVID vaccines causing this, what was the cause?

Nobody can answer that question

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Dormant cytomegalovirus is carried by 70-90% of the adult population and is reactivated by inflammation.

There is agreement that Covid-19 co-infection with cytomegalovirus is associated with higher rates of mortality in older people who have an aged (senescent) immune system.

So-called naïve T-cells (T-cells that are not yet programmed to generate memory immunity), produced in abundance in the thymus gland when young, are reduced by 99% in numbers in adults over age 70.  The combined senescence of T-cells plus co-infection of Covid-19 coronavirus and cytomegalovirus may be too much to overcome in aged subjects.

There is a dramatic decline in T-cells in Covid-19 patients, particularly CD8 T-cells. CMV-induced immune suppression among senior adults may increase the risk of dying from influenza or other infectious diseases as well.

CMV is not thought to cause any illness in healthy younger-aged adults unless reactivated by inflammation, such as among organ transplant patients who are given immune suppressant anti-rejection drugs.

CMV is reactivated in 30-35% of ICU COVID-19 patients which doubles their mortality rate.

Massive infiltration of white blood cells called macrophages into the lungs may carry dormant CMV that may be reactivated by Covid-19 itself.

Two life-threatening factors, overactivation of the immune system and blood clotting, are now linked to CMV.

Doctors usually don’t look for CMV infection

The diagnosis of CMV is easily missed in the ICU.

In a study of ICU Covid-19 patients co-infected with CMV, 50% showed reactivation of CMV.  In another study 82% of patients experienced reactivation of CMV after admission to the ICU for Covid-19 infection.


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