Fools who think DNA is an accident also believe in the Covid Vaccine eh?

To say that this process is stunning in its complexity is an understatement. It is nothing short of miraculous.

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
Latest discoveries in the field of structural biology point to Intelligent Design --
The August 9, 2021 edition of Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) featured a story in the field of structural biology entitled “How Transcription Gets Its Start.” Transcription is the biochemical process that occurs in every cell in the human...

Dr. Patrick, always up for a good challenge, wrote on the board (in Spanish) "This sentence wrote itself." The group of doctors and medical students debated the nonsense of such a statement for several minutes until finally Dr. Patrick erased the phrase This sentence and replaced it with DNA, adding "But you all believe this statement, don't you?"

There was complete silence in the room, the point having been elegantly made.


Omar Zaid

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