COVID = totalitarian control

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

[Boris Johnson] is a liar along with all the scientists and medics advising the government,”  ~ all are villainous traitors

Most people who get Covid are not seriously ill, the “killing power” is similar to seasonal influenza so “you were lied to.”  If you caught the virus and were ill, fought it off, then you have “one and done” immunity.

Once you have fought off the virus you have formed an extremely good, natural immunity which is complete and durable.

“So, we didn’t have to have vaccines.  At any point we could stop using these things and go to Plan A which is treat appropriately and then recognise that once, and only the once, it goes through a person they can’t get ill again,” Dr. Yeadon said, highlighting that “it is dangerous to vaccinate someone who has recovered from the disease.

The only argument for a vaccine passport is if the Covid injections reduced transmission of infection to others – they do not and this is not in dispute.  Both Sage and the UK government have said that those who have had Covid injections can infect others and “catch Covid

Vaccine passports are not about public health it is a totalitarian control system

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Omar Zaid

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