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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
A ‘radical’ UN climate style ‘pandemic treaty’ for viruses!? World Health Organization agrees to negotiate a ‘pandemic treaty’ to prevent next outbreak | From the Trenches World Report
Climate Depot – by Marc Morano WaPo: Less than a week after the new omicron variant of the coronavirus was reported to the World Health Organization, global leaders on Wednesday...
Nevada to impose insurance surcharge on unvaccinated state workers | From the Trenches World Report
Yahoo News – Axios Nevada’s Public Employees’ Benefits Program Board voted Thursday to charge workers enrolled in public employee health insurance plans a surcharge of...
IBM Colluded With Hitler, Now Leads In Making Vaccine Passports | From the Trenches World Report
Technocracy News In 1932, IBM and the Technocracy movement shared the basement of Hamilton Hall, which is where Hollerith tabulator was developed. Both IBM and...
Germany Announces “Lockdown Of The Unvaccinated” In An Attempt To Force Vaccines On 12 Million People.
Today has been a very sad day in Germany when to the horror of rational thinking people worldwide, the country has been segregated between vaccinated and unvacc
Austria Makes Covid-19 Vaccines Mandatory for ALL Citizens, Those Who Refuse to Comply To Pay Steep Fines
Austria is planning to implement some of the harshest penalties for citizens who refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccines. Refusing the jab will cost Austrians thous
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