WW2 Casualties

They Can Never Be Trusted

A few Jewish "leaders" and their doings. Jeffrey Epstein & Judge are Both Occult connected and Evil.

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Yes, it is female and yes, it is lesbian

Jewish Judge Controlled Maxwell Trial to Shield Jewish Sex and Blackmail Network
WE MUST NOT forget the Jewish nature of Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail and sex abuse network, which — like Jewish racemixing and sex perversion propaganda — specifically and primarily targeted young White women and girls. Listen to what Maria Farmer had to say in the video below. She is one of
Revealed: Jeffrey Epstein Received At Least $200 Million From Billionaires Les Wexner And Leon Black
Jeffrey Epstein received $158 million from billionaire Leon Black and $46 million at a bare minimum from billionaire Les Wexner, according to the latest numbers

Omar Zaid

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