They are not Side Effects. They are toxic results.

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
CDC finally ditches indoor masking guidance for majority of US (including schools) --
Just as Dr. Rochelle Walensky had hinted a little more than a week ago, the CDC on Friday finally eased its masking guidance for schools and other public areas, liberating millions of Americans from strict requirements that mandated mask wearing...
German public health insurer: Vaccine side effects maybe 8 to 10 times more frequent than officially reported --
German publicly regulated health insurers, the Betriebskrankenkassen, report substantially higher vaccine adverse effects than the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, our vaccine regulatory body. Andreas Schöfbeck, board member of BKK ProVita, one of these...

After analyzing data from over 10 million individuals, BKK ProVita board member Andreas Schöfbeck, over a 7.5 month period beginning in early 2021, 216,695 policyholders out of 10.9 million were treated for vaccine side-effects. This compares to 244,576 reports out of 61.4 million reported by the Paul Ehrlich Institute - a German federal agency.

"The data available to our company gives us reason to believe that there is a very considerable under-recording of suspected cases of vaccination side-effects after they received the [COVID-19] vaccine."

"If these figures are applied to the year as a whole and to" the entire population of Germany, Schöfbeck estimated, then "probably 2.5-3 million people in Germany been under medical treatment because of vaccination side effects after [COVID-19] vaccination."

German health insurer reveals ‘alarming’ underreporting of vaccine side-effects --
A large German health insurance provider revealed on Wednesday that Covid-19 vaccine side-effects are vastly underreported, according to Welt. After analyzing data from over 10 million individuals, BKK ProVita board member Andreas Schöfbeck, over...

BTW: The same cabal is responsible for this atrocity:

US-Saudi war on Yemen has killed 377,000 people, 70% of those were children under 5 years old --
The death toll of the US-UK-Saudi-Emirati war on Yemen is estimated to be at least 377,000 individuals, as of the end of 2021. More than two-thirds of these Yemenis killed were likely children. These statistics come from the United Nations...
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