The Sad Truth About Covid

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

The Emerging Totalitarian Dystopia: Interview with Professor Mattias Desmet Patrick Dewals

Lockdown Sceptics 04Mar2021

Mental health has been declining for decades. There has long been a steady increase in the number of depression and anxiety problems and the number of suicides. And in recent years there has been an enormous growth in absenteeism due to psychological suffering and burnouts. The year before the corona outbreak, you could feel this malaise growing exponentially. It gave the impression that society was heading for a tipping point where a psychological 'reorganization' of the social system was imperative. This is happening with corona. Initially, we noticed people with little knowledge of the virus conjure up terrible fears, and then a real social panic reaction manifested.
This happens especially if there is already a strong latent fear in a person or population...  The lockdown often freed people from a psychological rut. This created unconscious support for the lockdown. If the population had not already been exhausted by their life, and especially their jobs, there would never have been support for the lockdown... [The truth of the matter is very sad]: people did not want to go back to the pre-corona normal... If we do not take into account the population's dissatisfaction with its existence, we will never understand this crisis and we will not be able to resolve it ...

Make no mistake: at university and in the medical world there are many people who are amazed by what is going on. I have quite a few friends in the medical field who don't accept the conventional narrative. They say "open your eyes, can't you see this virus isn't the plague?" But all too often they don't take the step to say this publicly. Moreover, for each critical voice, thirty others go along with the story, even if it means they have to abandon critical scientific standards ...

A vaccine will not resolve the current impasse. For in truth, this crisis is not a health crisis, it is a profound social and even cultural crisis... the blindness that social conditioning and [totalitarian social engineering] entails will blame those who do not go along with the story and/or refuse to be vaccinated. They will serve as scapegoats. There will be an attempt to try to silence them. And if that succeeds, the dreaded tipping point in the process of totalitarianization will come. Only after it has completely eliminated the opposition will the totalitarian state show its most aggressive form. It then becomes - to use Hannah Arendt's words — a monster eating his own children (Cyclops / Cronus) ...

The dominant science perceives the world as a mechanistic interaction of atoms and other elemental particles that collide randomly and produce all kinds of phenomena, including humans. This science makes us desperate and powerless in the face of death. At the same time, life is experienced as a totally meaningless and mechanistic given... Man is a being who is dependent on his fellow man in his energetic existence. The physicists have known this for some time, now for the rest of us! We are now witnessing the latest upsurge of the old culture based on control and logical understanding that will demonstrate at breakneck speed what utter failure it brings


Omar Zaid

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