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Contemporary Occult Symbolism Based on Ancient Mystery Religions
Recently, the Vatican announced the discovery of St. Peter’s grave; yet another of the many lies that blanket this institution. They did indeed find a grave with bones carefully adorned with royal vestments. The fellow they found is more accurately described below. The slide above shows a statue of
Confessions Of A Satanist
Sunday, 17 January 2010 CONFESSIONS OF A SATANIST By Frater 616 I will go down to The Altars in Hell To Satan The Giver of Life O! Prince of Darkness Hear Me! Our Father which wert in heaven Hallowed be Thy Name In heaven as it is on Earth. Give
Ritualized Sexual Magick
To the Satanist sex is a powerful force, a force that is to be respected not misused, after all it is through sex that a being is born and this by itself indicates the vast amount of power that sex beholds to the Satanist. Sexuality in Satanism then is not
The Pentagram: Occult Views from Kabala & Wicca
UNDER CONSTRUCTION Editor’s Note: The following appears to be taken primarily from the Kabala. To my knowledge there are two Kaballas. One is an esoteric cosmological book of magic that had been orally transmitted following the Babylonian captivity of the Jews until the early Middle Ages when it wa…
Goddesses: Ancient & Modern
The modern Westerner, persuaded that he has a right to ‘think for himself’ and imagining that he exercises this right, is unwilling to acknowledge that his every thought has been shaped by cultural and historical influences and that his ‘opinions’ fit, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, into a pattern
Ba’al & the Phrygian Cap
Under Construction: Ba’al atop wild stag, ancient Palestine, 1200BC“Verily I say unto you, that every evil hath entered the world under the pretext of the elders (leaders)… who made idolatry to enter into the world. For there was a king who exceedingly loved his father, whose name was Baal.
Humanism, Fabian Socialism & Pyramids: Occult Aspects of Modern Mass Media by Omar Zaid
Standing over the carcass of Western Humanism with its deadly attachment and preference for materialism, man is gradually stripping himself of spirituality. Habbib Siddiqui, 2007 (Al-Munabbihat — The Counsel, Islamic Books Trust, KL Humanism focuses on the capacity for self-determination,Humanism re…
The Abyss
Central to Satanic magic is the concept of the Abyss. The word Abyss comes from the Greek word abussos meaning bottomless [a-, not + bussos, bottom]. In reference to Satanic magic however, it is considered to have a number of different meanings which are used by different groups. Firstly the abyss
Known Personalities and The Hidden Hand of Freemasonry
Hidden Hand Originates in the The Royal Arch Degree of Freemasonry, a degree introduced under Illuminati infiltration. The Royal Arch Degree (the 13th degree of the Scottish Rite or the 7th degree of the York Rite) is also known as the Mason of the Secret. During this Degree, initiates are
CYBELE: The Genesis of Catholic Mariolatry
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: The Mother of all Cults: Cybele & Her Sibs extracts from Joseph Campbell’s Oriental Mythology, 1962 Zeus had ejaculated somewhere around Mount Dindymus, where an offspring sprung out of the ground with both male and female sex organs. The gods fearing this creature’s reachin…
The Pentagram: its use as an icon for propaganda
Editor’s Note: For the most part, what follows is a pictorial essay. Symbols are important to any kind of sorcery and sorcery is the art of imposing one’s will upon another, whether by magic, psychological intimidation or force. Modern propaganda uses a combination of all three methods. Condign pol…