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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

The first journal dedicated to “sexology,” which attempts to rationalize perversion under the guise of science, featured an article penned by Freud in 1908. The publisher of the journal was the Jew, Magnus Hirshfeld — the “Einstein of Sex” — who cofounded the first sexology clinic with Iwan Bloch (known as the “father of sexology”) and Albert Eulenberg in 1913. The second clinic of this nature was founded just months later by their rival, Albert Moll, and the editorship of Hirschfeld’s journal was turned over to Max Marcuse. All were Jews ...
Although Hirshfeld’s operation was shut down in 1933, its successor, the Kinsey Institute, headed by the sadomasochistic, homosexual psychopath, Alfred Kinsey, opened in America in 1938 and went to work subverting the sexual morality of America by faking statistical data.
In 1923, a group of Freudian-Marxist Jews founded the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany. A decade later, when Hitler came to power, the Institute shut down, and was forced out of Germany. They came to America and resumed their work at Columbia University in New York and became known as the “Frankfurt School.” The Frankfurt School developed what is known as “Critical Theory.” Critical Theory is an overt Jewish intellectual assault on the Western world, done under the guise of high-minded idealism and weaponized pseudo-morality. It works to tear down, criticize, and “deconstruct” all of Western civilization and culture by purporting to show how it is inherently and historically racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, etc. In essence, it is the Jew-led ‘reverse engineering’ of civilization, with the sexual morality that civilization has been built on as a primary target for deconstruction, just as the Freudian notion of “sexual repression” is frequently claimed to be at the root of many of the world’s problems ...
The Frankfurt School of Jews is most well-known for writing The Authoritarian Personality. Part of the Studies in Prejudice series, which was funded by the American Jewish Committee, The Authoritarian Personality pathologized everyone with even slightly right-leaning views.
They came up with the “F-scale,” which supposedly measures people’s fascistic tendencies. Anyone included in the study who displayed either concern with sexual morality, distrust toward Jews, or a traditional view on gender roles, gets a high rating on the F-scale and is portrayed as mentally ill. Their sickness, these Jews claimed, most likely stemmed from sexual repression, closet homosexuality, and authoritarian upbringing. In addition, they probably have deep-seated sadomasochistic tendencies and are likely projecting their own frustrations and insecurities onto weaker people in order to make themselves feel better — “scapegoating.” ...
The Frankfurt School Jew who had by far the most direct influence on the sexual revolution was Herbert Marcuse. Marcuse was nicknamed the “Father of the New Left.” During the 1968 leftist riots in France, which nearly toppled its conservative President, Charles de Gaulle, and students carried banners with the slogan “Marx, Mao, and Marcuse.” David Allyn writes in his book on the history of the sexual revolution, Make Love, Not War:
For young radicals, the ideas in Herbert Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization (1955) were the cornerstone of the [sexual] revolution.”
Marcuse’s writings on sexual liberation were very, very strange. They were based largely on Freud’s fantastical theory of “polymorphous perversity.” This is the theory that children are sexual from birth and receive sexual or “erotic” pleasure from all parts of their body until they are “repressed” by society. This happens at around 5 years of age, and afterward, the child’s sexuality becomes centralized in their sexual organ, and they get “amnesia” about their prior state of polymorphous perversity.
~ Garland B (2017). Merchants of  Sin. Create Space: Excerpts taken from Online Series: Jewish Merchants of Sin and Porn,
part 5: Psychoanalysis, Sexology, the Frankfurt School, and the “New Left”
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