The Covenant of Touch

An Excerpt from the new book 'Trust: Ontogeny & Misplacement' by Doctor Omar Zaid

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
An Excerpt
And Isaac was comforted by his wife on the death of Sarah.  ~ Gen. 24:67

A child incarnates head to toe [106], initially gaining control of the mouth and eyes, then head and neck. By three to four months, shoulders and upper limbs permit intentional groping and grasping, and by six months, the lower spine and thighs become so intentionally obedient the child can sit. Lower limbs respond at eight months which allows access to rug-rat trouble. This first wave of incarnation is generally completed by twelve months, at which time the child attempts her/his first steps. All the while, touch—via taste, hearing, sight, smell, caresses, tongue, etc.—dominate the discernment of milieus and persons who provide pleasure or pain and harm or benefit. This occurs in a dream-like state with few signs of willfulness. We react to rather than act on the environment and are entirely helpless except for an ability to attract the attention required for need-fulfillment and emotional security.

This helpless year to eighteen–twenty months (weaning) is the most crucial time for the development of trust, and of touch, its sensual complement. Gentle touches, including voices, stimulate the soul’s penetration of central and peripheral nervous systems, both of which take seven years to finish their initial frameworks. These first seven years constitute the first complete wave of the incarnation process. All physical developments and the soul’s investiture in the body follow cosmic blueprints for fractal-like tensor-vibrational configurations and EMF phase-couplings that structure/pattern sub-atomic realms with the influence of ever-elusive photons (see: Sexology For The Wise). All of this is currently under the scrutiny of advanced Noetic Sciences (See: Luc Montagnier’s Wave Theory) [105a]. Thus, human incarnation moves downward from the eyes and outward from the heart. If fortunate, we gain control of our bodies and attempt to take command of its mysteriously formed and synchronized corpuscular billions by replacing spastic involuntary movements with fluid willful intent: the Tai Chi goal of the Dao.

Before infancy, and all along the way (Dao), fortunate children are reiteratively comforted and reassured that all is well and that their needs will continue to be met. This tacit covenant affirms inherent faith, trust, and wellbeing while mining the metaphysical gold that develops virtue in years to come. Indeed, faith, comfort, and trust are essential to wholesome development and growth. Their influences run far deeper than what is commonly imagined or acknowledged. Sadly, virtue is ignored by those who divorce Gong Jing from sexuality as well as from transcendent spiritual, biological and social relevance. But our inherent need for the comfort of human touch never leaves us. Even if perverted, it remains an enduring motivator of human commerce. Sexual verve and desire are so primal and thorough-going that when non-satiated, it bends the greatest of us towards reckless behaviors in attempts to re-enchant our blissful 'infancy-to-weaning' tenure. But without faith and meaningful relevance of spiritually imbued loving touch, this cannot be done. Why? Because fear of abandonment is also fear of death, especially the loss of God’s grace and fluid control of His greatest mystery—our lives and purposes, which constitutes the second death (Rev. 2:11: 20:6, 14–15: 21:8). This brings us to Dante’s mother of all epitaphs for those who enter hell —— the covenant is real simple.

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