How do I Support you?

Greetings of Peace and Blessings, Asalamu Alakum,

This website and its services come at a cost that we hope to recover with your help.

If possible, please assist me with the costs of running this website, my research, and book distributions. We also are funding students that are experiencing poverty.

This is the Official PayPal username, @ALGinkgoLLC  
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You can also support us by subscribing monthly/yearly to our project. As a member you can join the private forum and speak directly with Dr. Omar Zaid.

Direct Bank Transfer

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Currently we are running multiple services that are costing us monthly fees. Such as, server hosting, website maintenance, server maintenance, accounting, legal fees and much more.

The books cost any where from a minimum of $1799 to $8,399 to publish. Each book, all 10, inshallah, will be published in sequence through gracious assistance from folks like you.

I hope to re-publish all of my books along with unpublished manuscripts and video lectures. I could use your help to finance this project, insh’allah. Benefits will include access to exclusive lectures and forums with a opportunity to participate.

Wasalamu Alakum,

And May Peace and Blessings be upon you.