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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

NB: In Chapter Ten of The Hand Of Iblis, I disclosed the real Malay Dilemma and roasted this man. I knew years ago that he had filched and sent stolen money to banks in Taiwan. The Malays treated him like a god. Funny thing is, that in Sanskrit, his name means "Chief Thief".  May Allah have mercy on him and cause him to repent, along with his Ali Baba Party of Thieves, UMNO.  ~ oz

Tun Mahathir's overseas property worth  RM 1.194 Trillion

With Abdul Hamid's disclosure of the main reason for Tun M's attack on Najib Razak is that the Prime Minister's action to stop the RM 1.194 Trillion fund transaction from entering the country by the former prime minister, is Tun M officially the world's richest man?

Abdul Hamid, a former Tun M follower, revealed that the former prime minister's ousting of the attack on Datuk Sri Najib was due to Tun M's failure to make RM 1,194 Trillion worth of funds into Malaysia.  Abdul Hamid also added that Najib, who was holding the Finance Minister's office at that time, had acted in a bid not to sign the fund's transaction.

This disclosure if proven true is not only shocking but will also break three world records!

First, with a value of RM 1.194 Trillion (USD 279 billion), it puts Tun M as the richest individual in the world where he has 3.5 times the wealth of Bill Gates, the world's richest individual on the Forbes list of 2015. Bill Gates has a wealth of  USD 79.2 billion.

Second, with a sum of RM 1.194 Trillion in assets, Tun M is the only former leader in the world whose wealth is equivalent to 4.47 times the national budget value.  Total expenditure in Malaysia's 2016 budget is RM 267 Billion.

Third, the former prime minister will also be the only former world leader capable of solving the entire foreign debt of Malaysia.  To date, Malaysia's external debt amounted to RM 740.7 Billion.

Tun M needs to explain how he can earn up to 3.5 times the wealth of Bill Gates, 4.47 times the national budget and 1.6 times Malaysia's total external debt.  He also has to explain his source of income as well as the value of the tax payable with such amount of wealth.

The Perak DAP has filed a police report against Tun Mahathir on the disclosure made by Abdul Hamid.  I also urge the MACC to investigate the RM 1.194 Trillion funds made by Tun M and subsequently take action if it is proven to be true.

The statement was made by the Political Secretary to the Perak DAP Chairman and the Perak DAP Economic Development Bureau Chong Zhemin on December 8, 2015

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