An example of the Abrahamic locution found in the Old Testament

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Celestial Man (Arcana of Swedenborg)

That although wisdom and intelligence appear in man, they are, as has been said, of the Lord alone, is plainly declared in Ezekiel by means of similar representatives:

Behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house eastward; for the face of the house is the east; and he said, These waters issue out to the border toward the east, and go down into the plain, and come to the sea, which is led into the sea, the waters shall be healed; and it shall come to pass that every living soul which creepeth, whithersoever the water of the rivers shall come, shall live. And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, there come up all trees for food, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereofbe consumed; it is born again in its months, because these, its waters, issue out of the sanctuary, and the fruit thereof shall be for food, and the leaf thereof for medicine (Ezek. 47:1, 8–9, 12).

Here the Lord is signified by the “east,” and by the “sanctuary,” whence the waters and rivers issued. In like manner in John:

He showed me a pure river of water of life, bright as crystal, going forth out of the throne of God and of the lamb. In the midst of the street thereof, and of the river on this side and that, was the tree of life, which bare twelve [manner of] fruits, and yielded her fruit every month; and the leaf of the tree was for the healing of the nations (Rev. 22:1–2).

Verses 11, 12. The name of the first [river] is Pishon; that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; and the gold of that land is good; there is bdellium and the onyx stone.

Pishon signifies the intelligence of the faith that is from love;
Havilah signifies the mind;
Gold signifies good;
bdellium and the onyx, truth.

Gold is mentioned twice because it signifies the good of love and the good of faith from love; and bdellium and the onyx stone are mentioned because the one signifies the truth of love, and the other the truth of faith from love. Such is the celestial man.

~ Swedenborg,  Arcana Coelestia, v 1, 70.

Our exegetes and Alim have missed it completely . . .


Omar Zaid

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