Russia, Putin & Jewry

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

The illegality of Russian intervention in Syria

LSE Law Review Blog

One of my readers asked me to repost this report.

First off, I am no fan of the Fabain London School Of Economics, as they are esoteric wolves in sheep's clothing who never provide economic solutions for anyone but the wealthy. Secondly, Russia merely used Syria to outflank Turkey and secure warm water ports. Russia is controlled by Chabad, which translates, Kabbalist-Zionist Israel. Remember, Putin's mom was a Jew (see birth cert below) and his Jewish grandfather was personal valet to Stalin and Lenin, both Jews (with Stalin also being a Jesuit-trained madman). Besides, he keeps an icon of the Black Virgin and prays to it as well, which is pure idolatry. I'm afraid there is no messiah or blessed hero forthcoming from such darkness.  ~ oz


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