Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

By design, America is no longer an industrial nation so we cannot send supplies in sufficient numbers to our troops in harms way unless we can get Russia and/or China to loan us the money and send us the war materiel we no longer manufacture.

So, if there is a war over Taiwan with China, the Neocon plan is the following:

1) Call up Xi Jinping and borrow two trillion dollars so we pay for the war and cover our continuing deficit.

2) Call up Chinese suppliers and get all the weapons parts we need and load up on things we no longer produce in sufficient quantities like shoes, clothes, antibiotics, electronics and vitamin C.

3) Get all those purchases on ships before Xi Jinping figures out we are using borrowed money and supplies to kill Chinese people.

Not much quality thinking there in DC. NATO does stand for the acronym Not Altogether Thought Out.

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