Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

For nearly three years, most people in the world have been treated like lab rats in an experiment in bio-technocratic central management by state power, at the urging of once-respected global institutions, and this has resulted in economic crisis, demographic upheaval, and utter political panic.

The world crisis today is really a battle over what kind of society we want to live in. This is not a battle we chose but one that has been forced upon us in shocking ways beginning 30 months but with roots that trace back decades. 

Brownstone Institute is dedicated to the idea that no civilized person should stand aside while the world sweeps toward despotism and destruction, and further, that the course of history can be altered by the ideas we hold and spread. We are blest with some of the most compelling researchers and writers working today. 

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The 70 Seconds that Shook the World By JEFFREY A TUCKER. Everything followed from that brief moment: lockdown chaos, the closed schools and churches, the end of basic rights, the wrecking of business, and then began the spending, inflating, mad welfare checks, and the demoralization of the population that continues to this day.

The Regret, Repentance, and Redemption of Dr. Aseem Malhotra By DANIEL KLEIN. Dr. Malhotra’s change of mind is inspiring. An honest change of mind is naturally inspiring. In such a change, a spirit continues and grows while certain beliefs die and their embracer recedes.

Lockdowns and the Left: Interview with Max Blumenthal By BROWNSTONE INSTITUTE. Max Blumenthal, founder and editor of Grayzone, discusses the astonishing apostasy of the left in its overwhelming support of lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

An Update on College Mandates By LUCIA SINATRA. Colleges have known since mid-2021 that COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or reduce the community spread. In addition, college students are not at high risk for severe illness or hospitalization from COVID-19, yet they are forced to risk potential adverse events when they are stripped of the fundamental right to informed consent and a risk/benefit analysis in consultation with health care providers.

Australians for Science and Freedom By RAMESH THAKUR. Australia was not immune to the galloping authoritarianism of Western democracies. Melbourne was Ground Zero for some of the most draconian restrictions on individual freedoms and civil liberties, as most routine daily activities were criminalized for people and small businesses.

Nashville’s Lockdown Czar Tries to Defend Himself, Sort Of  By MATT MALKUS. Paying lip service to equity by merely acknowledging its existence and actually doing something to address it are two different things. Jahangir and other city leaders have done plenty of the former.

FDA is using Covid Vaccines as a “Platform Technology”  By ROBERT MALONE. In the future, the FDA’s CBER will have to come to terms with the fact that the pre-clinical trials were completely inadequate, and yet they now have 50+ mRNA vaccine trials currently enrolling and over 150 more on the way based on that highly flawed pre-clinical data package. A quick search at yields documents the problem that they have created.

A Rebuttal to California’s Legislative War on Doctors By PIERRE KORY. This bill will lead to even more morbidity and mortality, not only in COVID, but in other diseases as well. Pharma already controls the medical journals and Federal Health agencies. But they don’t control independent physician’s opinions and voices. Well, at least they didn’t until now.

Media by the People By PAUL FRIJTERS, GIGI FOSTER, MICHAEL BAKER. Newspapers, television, internet sites and social media have become merely instruments of manipulation at the service of elite interests. We have seen Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and other commercial information companies which started out a mere decade or two ago with promises of independence and open media, end up as our censors in the past two years, enthusiastically adding their contributions to the long and bleak history of totalitarian deletions.

How the Dutch Failed their Children – A Cautionary Tale By HANS KOPPIES. After two years of closing down children’s lives, I firmly believe we owe it to children and their parents to make amends for the wrongs that were done to Dutch children.

The Pandemic Response Unleashed Two Kinds of Nationalism By JEFFREY A. TUCKER. For nearly three years, most people in the world have been treated like lab rats in an experiment in bio-technocratic central management by state power, at the urging of once-respected global institutions, and this has resulted in economic crisis, demographic upheaval, and utter political panic. It will be many years before this is sorted out.

Another Flub by the Fact Checkers By THORSTEINN SIGAUGSSON. Branding a video description or a tweet as “misinformation” because contains condensed and generalised information, with a more detailed discussion in what follows, has nothing to do with checking facts. It’s just about creating strawmen, especially when the “fact-checker” even distorts the quoted headline to make it fit her narrative.

Punk Rock Is Dead, Killed by the CDC By SETH SMITH. Many artists who once represented the true essence of renegade rock and punk, those who embraced it early on (Neil Young is a great example from his wonderful Rust Never Sleeps) had actually become the establishment, clearly a group of people who would censor and even destroy if one did not follow the rules of the establishment.

A Critique of The Lancet COVID-19 Commission By DAVID BELL. The commission members appear convinced that lockdowns and mass vaccination were a net benefit, but It also appears that in two years of consultation they have not considered the alternative. The loss of decades of progress on infectious disease, human rights, and poverty reduction caused by lockdowns has not given sufficient pause for thought.

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