Putin Tidbit

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

What is the secret of Vladimir Putin being so calm all the time?

You probably think Vladimir Putin is a head of state like any other.

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So you compare him to Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Xi Jinping, or Angela Merkel.

In reality, Vladimir Putin is not like them. To understand who Vladimir Putin is, you need to study his past in more detail.

Vladimir Putin joined the KGB, which is the main intelligence service of the post-Stalinist USSR, shortly after his 16th birthday. He was trained to resist interrogation, kill, and torture the enemy himself.

This type of training changes a man forever.

Basically, Vladimir Putin is not a man to be laughed at or annoyed at, in my opinion. His training has accentuated this.

Now president, Vladimir Putin has lost nothing of his initial KGB training, and that is why he is able to feel no emotions, or at least control them in all circumstances, while other heads of state are going to be more emotional.


Omar Zaid

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