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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid


Democracy, in its modern understanding, is one of the political-system doctrines that emerged at the end of the eighteenth century, the time of seemingly rational, emotionally charged thinking, but poor in psychological understanding. From the psychological point of view, democracy contains a defect we are already familiar with. It allows individuals who are too primitive mentally and morally to be able to act in the name of the common good, or even their own, to participate in the process of governing the country. As a rule, they are driven by an excessively short-sighted self-interest, or by the influence of ponerogenic groups that know how to take advantage of them. ...

Democracy can develop properly under three conditions: when the nation has a sufficiently established tradition of self-governance that predates democratic times; when respect for moral values and honesty in political affairs is sufficiently widespread; and when the destructive faction is sufficiently small. If these conditions are not met, democracy degenerates into various forms of rule by special interest groups, with hidden ideologies and even totalitarian characteristics. This danger is an inherent feature of the ideology of democracy. (pp. 343-344)


Political schizoids (but not only schizoids) project their own peculiar ideas and resentments onto society or humanity at large, setting forth a vision of the solution to what they perceive as the root problems of society, which may have some basis in fact, but which are oversimplified to a degree that their proposed solutions will inevitably fail.
we are increasingly left-hemisphere-dominant in our mode of thought, to our detriment.


21st century schizoid man --
In his psychoanalytic take on the psychology of politics, Pyschopathology and Politics, Harold Lasswell observed: The special value of the psychopathological approach is that it represents a supermicroscopic method of utilizing individual...
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