On Sexualization

Excerpt From Sexology For The Wise by Dr Zaid (All Rights Reserved)

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Primary human sexualization is obligated, predetermined, developmentally integrated, and regulated by Natural Law for our benefit. Its biological forms and functions are not only cardinal but also autonomously guided and fulfilled without any human input whatsoever. Why? Because humans do not own their sexualization any more than they own their heartbeat. Moreover, there is no third sex, nor are there alternative sex organs or sexual response systems. Male and female appendages, orifices, yearnings, instincts, responses, orientations, and nervous systems are all we have and are more than sufficient to meet exigencies.

Informed perspectives, therefore, avoid noisy histrionics and account anomalous sexualization to developmental or criminal misadventure. Sober scientific scrutiny withstands popular LGBT super identities except for purposes of pathological classification. Most Queer abstractions evade bona fide taxonomy because their purpose is to comfort perplexed victims with delusions of normalcy. In addition, Queer terminology intentionally demoralizes the heterosexual majority for political purposes, ala the Frankfurt School of Degenerate  Rumination(s). I provide proof for this charge in later essays. The political goal is to subvert the hegemony of normative gender subjectification because, as the Catholic Church determined under Urban II (who sold the wives of his priests into slavery), immutably gendered well-married couples establish higher cultural orders that resist untruth and organized criminal intent.

When in step with Natural Law, genuine traditions harness basal gender identities to engender character traits that distill, define and actuate the virtuous constancy that sustains sober governance. Since governance is political, subversives target gender qualified stability because it fosters civilized relations, for which ambivalence is anathema (James 1:8). More crucial qualifiers for sober governance are also targeted. These include individual confidence and self-trust (personal, communal, and cultural)—both being dependent on identity. Identity depends on I-ness, which depends on gender.

Hence, deception is necessary to systematically weave doubt into fabrics that dress vice-ridden societies in the dark picturesque. The Circus Immoral thus creates a generic lack of certainty by supplanting the conceptual foundations of selfhood that underscore communal verve. They do this with fabricated pretexts removed from context.

Omar Zaid

Author, Editor, Physician & Essential Monotheist