On Dr. Hany Atchan

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

I have reviewed several comments on other sites regarding this good man and find them wanting in academic prowess. Most are reactionary responses from people who wish to prevent progress and reform. Even the few videos I've reviewed fail to qualify, point-for-point, as acceptable scholarly criticisms, all of which, in fact, support his several observations concerning the perilous condition of today's ummah as blinded followers of unqualified institutions that support the misguidance of traditional ignorance.

May Allah have mercy.

The Abrahamic Locution is embedded in Al'Qur'an as well as in Al Kitab. It is a divine mechanism that guides or misguides according to the bias of one's chora/kalb and consequent goal-oriented intention. If you do not understand this point of psychological fact and neuro-politics (See my new Book: Trust), you are wanting in knowledge and have little ground upon which to criticize/discuss the subject, and but small command of the locution and its conceptual implications.

An example of this is found on p 104 of my book, Trinity, which I wrote 17 years before coming to know of Dr Atchan's marvelous work. This book holds several examples that defy traditional interpretations of the biblical narrative that were imposed on Qur'anic tafsirs by means of Judeo-Christian infiltrations. I doubt most of you have studied it, or any of the other treatises I have written describing the confirmed history of such occult incursions. Hence, if magi have infiltrated and fooled billions of Judeo-Christians, what makes you so certain they did not do this to Muslims following the triumph of the Quaresh and the relocation of Islam's capital to Baghdad, their Capital?

What I find in Dr Atchan's work confirms my own as well as the numerous suspicions I have held for many years regarding the descent into ignorance and shameful socio-political degradation of the ummah after 1200 years of 'traditional scholarship'. Thus, I say, Alhamduillah, because the Qur'an lives and is relevant in ways that redeem their nonsense and lack of insight.

My advice, therefore, is to be cautious. Remain quiet. Listen. Pay attention. Do not speak or write in haste. Do not further reduce the legacy of our beloved Prophet or ignore the multiple blessings and layers of Al' Qur'an to misinformed opinions and the compounded ignorance of a millennium that has lead Muslims to comply with the social distancing of Judeo-Christian fools.

May Allah grant us discernment, mercy, and real success.

Dr Omar Zaid


Omar Zaid

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