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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Scott Schara, Grace’s father, believes their refusal to allow a ventilator precipitated the hospital’s use of a cocktail of contraindicated drugs to kill his daughter because she was worth more dead than alive, and because medical staff treated her like a “useless eater,”

Dr. Gavin Shokar, M.D., wrote his own “Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order” for her without family knowledge or approval.

The Ascension health system, comprised of 142 Catholic hospitals nationwide, received $8.3 billion from the Federal government for Covid-19 patients in 2021 alone. Patients who walk out of the hospital are far less lucrative to a hospital, especially if they refuse a ventilator.

Hospitals Endorse National Mandate To Exterminate Special Needs People | From the Trenches World Report
Our Amazing Grace – by Kevin Tuttle APPLETON, WISCONSIN, March 7, 2022 — When Grace Schara, a 19-year-old Down Syndrome girl, died in St. Elizabeth’s (Ascension)...
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