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Good evening dear Mr. Omar,
Lana will contact you when she will feel better, she is a bit ill, her throat is very sore and it's very hard for her to speak. I assume it might be Wednesday/Thursday, maybe even later, she has to save her voice.
She wants a private call, so she can explain the situation and you can then talk about how to possibly raise awareness about this situation abroad.
I don't think there's a need now to join the forum. Is it possible to do just a Skype/Zoom/whatever else call?
Thank you for your concern and fast response, I am forever grateful for you.
Marko is in prison, for 30 days. He might be out sooner (they're filing a complaint now) but with restrictions that will last at least 30 days. Again, the same prison as 8 years ago. These two days we had no contact at all. It's just the beginning of the process but he has a lot of media attention, Tv, newspaper, internet. They have of course lied about him and now are "leeking" his "defence", again in a wrong way, the usual...
I'm sending Marko the copy of your book, Taqua of marriage, so he can read it in prison :)
Here're some pics of the support from the people in front of the court - it was very cold and the process was very long, but still they were there shouting his name with energy and devotion.

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