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Omar Zaid

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Croatia is where East Meets West: Marko Franciskovic has been arrested defending everyone's rights against Covid Tyranny.  Dr Omar Interviews his wife, Lana, and her friend, Ivona:


Please listen and if you know anyone who can noise this abroad, please do.

Selam dear Mr. Omar, Thank you for your contact and concern :) Yes, we are fine, Subhanallah. The protest went good, actually, it was a game changer. How Marko said: Croatian lions woke up, and never again will they return to being sheep. He managed to go on stage, people were
Croatia: What Needs Doing
A Man of Action

Marko's videos in chronological order: (20.11.2021.)

Short clips from that day:

Old interview, 10 min long:

Croatia Vs Marko Fransiskovic
(26dec2021) Dear Dr. Omar, I’m writing the follow-up. The State Attorney Office rejected the complaint for keeping Marko in prison until the investigation is over, so he will stay locked up at the very least until the 3rd of January. They’re in the process of deciding how long they will
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