Limited Time

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Salam Alaykum (Greetings of Peace & Blessings),

An Exciting & Rewarding opportunity awaits us!

All Campfire talks are going to be available to view for a limited time! It will be available to students that sign up for the 26 hour course! It will last 26 weeks beginning OCT 16 2022!

Campfire talks are view online via an emailed link to sign up participants and should be watching in sequence according to the webinar 

This is the only time in history where the dots are connected & answers are given!

The Campfire talks will take you step-by-step through different
aspects in which the world we live in today has been formed – from babylon to occult magic, the deep state and all the way to the subversion of fitrah

These lectures will leave with you a worldview that is certainly shocking & allow you to understand the what, why, how, & who!

View the syllabus for more information & read the description to each lecture.

Omar Zaid

Author, Editor, Physician & Essential Monotheist