If you don't have the right to choose what goes into your body under threat of being deemed an untouchable social and economic outcast, then you don't have the right to choose anything.

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
“Sinister”: Gov’t scapegoating unvaccinated, dividing society, Irish MP declares during debate over extension of ‘emergency’ powers -- Sott.net
The Minister for Health has accused Independent TD Verona Murphy of spreading anti-vax information in the Dáil. During a debate on the extension of Covid-19 emergency powers, the Wexford TD said that recent studies had shown that a vaccinated...
Objective:Health - The Documented Negative Effects of Covid Vaccines -- Sott.net
While the mainstream media is endlessly asserting that vaccination is safe and effective, there have been numberous documented side-effects from Covid shots that are not being pubicized. Indeed, anyone who has the audacity to speak publicly about...

Any leader of people who pushes the propaganda narrative of universal gene-based inoculations as a good thing, whether mandated or not, is helping to advance the globalist reset of humanity in the direction of transhumanism,

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