It's A Bio-Weapon

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

the vaccine spike guarantees the systemic distribution of this pore-forming toxin and raises the possibility that membrane disruption, mitochondrial damage, and barrier dysfunction could reach far and wide, outside the bounds of the respiratory tract. We know from the Pfizer documents that the liver, spleen, ovaries, bone marrow, adrenal glands, and intestines are particularly concerning.

The mRNA of the spike protein is highly modified to make it evade the innate immune system, last for much longer, and be translated into protein at a much higher rate.

By contrast, the natural virus for most people will be limited to the respiratory tract, and to a lesser extent the eyes or the gut. Virus is only found in the blood of 44% of those on a ventilator, 27% of those hospitalized, and 13% of those treated as outpatients. As I pointed out in Explaining the Hospitalization Paradox, "Almost certainly the incidence is even lower in those with mild cases who never seek hospital treatment, and it is almost certainly non-existent in those who were exposed without ever feeling ill." Where it is encountered, it is more easily destroyed by the immune system. Hence, the spike protein is consistently found in the lymph nodes of the arm pits at least 60 days after vaccination, but traces are rarely found at all after natural infection.

The Bottom Line

While there are other mechanisms, the most compelling is the disruption of cellular membranes. The spike protein apparently acts as a pore-forming toxin that pokes holes in cell membranes at concentrations well below those found circulating after vaccination.

This may explain COVID-like illness, pneumonia, lung damage, myocarditis, mitochondrial dysfunction, broad-based cellular dysfunction, and barrier disruption in the blood vessels, blood-brain barrier, skin, lungs, and gut.

This mechanism has not been definitively shown to cause vaccine side effects, but it should be considered a leading candidate to explain them.

This is a concern for both the natural spike in the virus and for the vaccines,   BUT   the vaccines pose a much greater risk of systemic distribution and persistence over time.

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