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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
EXCLUSIVE: Disturbing Details Emerge From Inside Australian Quarantine Camps
Details about life inside Australian quarantine camps are beginning to leak out through the internet...

Australian army has begun forcibly removing residents in the Northern Territories to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located in Darwin

🆘BREAKING NEWS🆘 Representatives of the Aboriginal Community in Australia issue International Plea for help over tyrannical Australian coercion & control....

Northern Territory government is force vaccinating the people in the community, “using military, using foreign military, foreign police officers, local military and local police officers to pressure our people into taking this bioweapon” he says. ”They are not informing the people, they are lining them up.

Other Countries Besides Austria Now Making Covid-19 Vaccines Compulsory for Citizens
Recently, Austria announced that it would be introducing a lockdown for the unvaccinated along with a country-wide Covid-19 vaccine mandate. However, whilst thi
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