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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

... surviving Americans and many people around the world will regard the death of DC as a day of joy and freedom. ... The People Who Think They Own The American Government demand a Unipolar world, they demand the right to loot the citizens of every nation and to kill the people of any nation that resists.

In 1935 the Rothschild owned Bank of England loaned 350 million pounds ($1.75 billion US dollars) to Hitler so he could rearm Germany which had been disarmed after WW I. In 1936 the Emperor of Japan offered to pull out of China, to break his alliance with Hitler and to become a US ally against the Soviets who were expanding in Asia. FDR said "No" ...

In March of 1939 the former Chief of Staff of the German Army, General Ludwig Beck, and the head of the Abwehr (German Intelligence), Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, sent two officers to London offering to arrest Hitler if they could have peace. His Majesty’s Jewish Government said "No". The Allies killed 58 million people after both the Japanese Emperor and and the German military had tied to surrender.

“How real can the Cold War be if both sides have the same Bankers, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers?”

In the near future there will be food riots almost everywhere. Currencies  will collapse. In France if the euro dies, they can revive the franc. If the franc dies, they will have no government anywhere. However, if Washington DC dies, we will still have 50 state governments.

... no Chinese government has ever survived a Grand Solar Minimum and that record goes back a couple of thousand years. It seems that historically their county is hit harder than others during a GSM. We entered the Eddy Grand Solar minimum in 2020. The Chinese have had back to back bad flood years. They are already on food rationing. Things will get much worse. Dubyne warned us that we will have the same planetary alignment in October 2024 that Pompeii faced when Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

oh !  and btw :

Ukrainians kidnapped  60,000 ethnic Russian children. Parents in Kharkhov, Ukraine ...  fear the children will be sold to human traffickers. That is not an unreasonable, as there are many Jewish gangs operating in the area and 300,000 women and children are trafficked every year from Slavic countries.

BTW: Monsanto and BlackRock are buying up Ukraine


Omar Zaid

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