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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

On The Covid Tyranny

At this moment, let all who wear a robe, a scarf, or a uniform; let all those who serve this scam, know, if they think themselves the agents of a power, that they deceive themselves; they are the shipmates of

There are no office-holders in this thing,  only accomplices. The moment has come when every one must take careful account of what he has done, of what he is continuing to do. The gendarmes who arrested those whom they call anti-vaxxers arrest guardians of the Constitution. The judge who tries them have placed in the dock the mainstays of the law. The officer who confines them confine defenders of the Republic .

All, generals, officers, gendarmes, judges, are absolutely under forfeiture. They have before them more than innocent men – heroes! more than victims – martyrs!

Let them know this, therefore, and let them hasten to act upon the knowledge; let them, at least, break the fetters, draw the bolts, empty the hulks, throw open the jails, since they have not still the courage to grasp the sword. Up, consciences, awake, it is full time!

If law, right, duty, reason, common sense, equity, justice, suffice not, let them think of the future! If remorse is mute, let responsibility speak!

And let all those who, being landed proprietors, shake the magistrate by the hand; who, being bankers, fête a general; who, being peasants, salute a gendarme; let all those who do not shun the hôtel in which dwells the minister, the house in which dwells the prefect, as he would shun a lazaretto; let all those who, being simple citizens, not functionaries, go to the balls and the banquets of Fauci et alia and see not that the black flag waves over the nation – let all these in like manner know that this sort of shame is contagious; if they avoid material complicity, they will not avoid moral complicity.

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Omar Zaid

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