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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
CDC admits post-vaccine myocarditis concerns that were labeled Covid misinformation are legit --
In context, the CDC’s latest numbers about post-vax myocarditis represent a significant departure from last year’s narrative pushed by health bureaucrats and the media. When reports first surfaced in 2021 that some cases of myocarditis — the...
‘Unethical’ and up to 98 times worse than the disease: Top scientists publish paradigm-shifting study about COVID-19 vaccines --
A team of nine experts from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and other top universities has published paradigm-shifting research about the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccines and why mandating vaccines for college students is unethical. This...
This new paper is essential reading for anyone trying to decide if they need more vaccines. The authors concluded their study with a call to action. Policymakers must stop mandates for young adults immediately . . .
US life expectancy takes an unprecedented fall: Are mRNA “vaccines” to blame? --
According to the latest statistics reported by The New York Times1 August 31, 2022, life expectancy in the United States dropped precipitously in 2020 and 2021. In 2019, the average life span of Americans of all ethnicities was nearly 79 years....
Data leak reveals disturbing facts about mRNA vaccine instability and potential dangers --
A 14-minute video (above) that has been overlooked for nearly two years has now resurfaced, exposing stunning information about the COVID-19 jabs and why health officials don’t want individual vaccine vials examined by independent scientists. The...
So the efficacy as far as PROTECTING you will be next to nothing. However, what it will do very effectively, if you got reasonably intact mRNA, is to cause you significant harm. You are playing a game of chance with your immune system and what is in the bottle."
According to Fuellmich and Wodarg, the lot-dependent data suggests vaccine makers may be conducting secret experiments within the larger public trial.In other words, they appear to be doing lethal-dose testing on the public. The tipoff that these "hot" batches are not caused by intermittent poor manufacturing is the fact that they're being released in a coordinated fashion.
Peer-reviewed study: 94% of vaccinated patients with subsequent health issues have abnormal blood --
Physicians in Italy studied the blood of patients who had been injected with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and found foreign matter long after vaccination, a new study shows. The three doctors, all of whom are surgeons — Franco Giovannini, M.D.,...

The three doctors, all of whom are surgeons — Franco Giovannini, M.D., Riccardo Benzi Cipelli, M.D., and Giampaolo Pisano, M.D. — examined freshly drawn blood of more than a thousand patients using direct observation under microscopes to see what was happening in the blood. Their results were published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research in August 2022.

Of the 1,006 patients, after vaccination, only about 5 percent — just 58 had blood that looked normal.
Three South Korean medical doctors, Young Mi Lee, Sunyoung Park, and Ki-Yeob Jeon, explained that: "The preponderance of evidence suggests that the foreign materials found in the COVID-19 vaccine recipients ... were injected into their bodies when they received one or more doses of the COVID-19 vaccines."
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