Finally! An Honest Surgeon General

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
Florida surgeon general on masks: It’s a ‘lie’ they save lives, calls doctors who disagree ‘zombies’ --
Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo called the idea that masks saved any lives during the covid-19 pandemic “a lie, and it needs to stop and people need to unbelieve it.” Ladapo, who runs the state Department of Health, also said the vast...

The surgeon general, who has been ostracized by colleagues and other scientists for his mask and covid vaccine skepticism, said studies cited by the CDC are "shaky studies" with "shaky methods."

People "are still holding up the illusion that these things save lives," Ladapo said.

"These things are not saving lives. ... What saves lives is immunity. Early treatment saves lives. And being as healthy as you can. Losing those extra pounds, eating a nutritious diet, keeping your vitamin D levels up, those things save lives."
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