Frequently Asked Questions

What If I cannot Afford some of the products/memberships in the store?

It is a Al Ginkgo policy that no customer will be turned away due to lack of funds. If you cannot afford a certain product, please email us at and we shall arrange to Gift that product to you.

I am having difficulty with my membership login and password.

Just like any other technical based system, errors and glitches can occur. Inform us immediately of your login issues, and we will do our very best to restore your access immediately. Technical/billing issues - Online Admin

I would like to request Dr. Omar Zaid to speak at an event. How can I submit a request?

For all online/event requests for Dr. Omar Zaid, please leave a detailed outline of your agenda and additional information in an email with 'Event request' in the Subject. The team will do its very best to ensure each request is processed and reviewed appropriately and that a response is provided in a timely manner. Online Admin

How can I receive updates on upcoming events and products?

Regular updates on new products, upcoming programs and events will be announced on the website, our newsletters and social media sites. Be sure to become an Al Ginkgo member so you can receive instant updates and announcements

I am a member of the media and need to get in touch with Dr. Omar Zaid. How can I do so?

All media representatives can email Admin with 'Media Request' in the subject line. We will reply to your questions and requests as soon as possible.

How can I have a one on one with Dr. Omar Zaid

You can speak with Dr. Omar by booking a session here -

Where can I order Dr. Omar Zaid's books? When can I buy them?

Dr. Omar Zaid and the Al Ginkgo team is working diligently on launching the new platform,, which will feature all available books and much more. Consider supporting the project through membership. Digital books are available here.