Essential Monotheism & Marriage

I put no Jew at the helm of our cosmopolis. They cannot be trusted with the commonweal because they require adult supervision.

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

ARCANA per Al’Kitab  by Dr Omar Zaid

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic concluded the following:

Most studies have shown that religious involvement and spirituality are associated with better health outcomes, including greater longevity, coping skills, and health-related quality of life (even during terminal illness) and less anxiety, depression, and suicide. Several studies have shown that addressing the spiritual needs of the patient may enhance recovery from illness. ~ Nicole Fisher (2019)

Heathy marriage stamps psyche and body with vitality and productivity. Its imprints are designed to remind us of divine intent as an atavistic recall of whatever exalted estate our forgotten ancestors forgot (insan) after losing Eden’s license. Thus, abandoning traditional religious indoctrinations, in the name of essential monotheism I  posit:

Great marriages supersede religion because they are religion, which is why many of us instinctively refer to love and lover as ‘heavenly’ (Religare means ‘to bind’; hence, ‘as above, so below’).

Our need to love and touch and to be loved and touched in return is embedded in the chora of human ‘being’. Sound, sight, taste, olfaction, warmth, cold, pain, knowing one is watched, titillation and so forth, are all ‘touch’-dependent. Giving and receiving touch iteratively validates and affirms life and assures us that both we and God Almighty exist. Marital touch affords pleasure, companionship, and responsible purpose vis-à-vis the most intimate of human relationships, which is far more than going bump in the night. Good marriages can be likened to parallel arks or two wings joined like a catamaran in constant touch to convey a reflective covenant of virtuous human existence intent on reaching spiritual maturity. At its best, marriage is an exquisitely designed unfinished rapture that echoes otherworldly sourcing.
 Without the transcendent dynamics of these ever-musing whispers and prods, even when touched we remain dissatisfied and wanting, which leads many on promiscuous odysseys that never end well. Those who have not married or have married poorly tend to demean the institution because they have not tasted its potential (jaded perhaps?), and thus, remain ignorant of the fact that marriage is the truest religion on God’s earth, the one universally adhered to by mature hearts who deem its every peer ‘first among equals.'
Metaphysically, for example, the Mt Zion mythos represents spiritual union (marriage) between humanity and the Kingdom of Heaven (God Almighty). It is a bond that scorns infidelity and the vulgar sarcasm that demands gauntlet satisfaction. This Zion narrative (dikhr) claims that the scepter (rod of spiritual authority) (Gen 49:10) was placed in the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ (human heart) which also held rules of governance per “Significant Illumination” (Gen 1:14 = Become [divine] light),1 – the only radiance that benevolently oversees and righteously regulates/guides human affairs with divine proportions that establish exceptional social harmony and health. These rules also include The Decalogue (See Jordan Peterson’s Biblical Lecture Series).
Zion is, therefore, the rock of ‘revealed knowledge’, which includes science, and upon which sit sensible and morally upright decision-makers or “little gods”, as described in Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34 (‘God’ is a word that means ‘he who decides’).   This is the ‘kingdom’ that Jesus said is within each of us (Lk 17:21), with Jesus as an example (indicating the way the truth and the light/life) that optimizes human potential, a path (Dao) open to everyone who chooses to actualize it and do even greater works (John 4:37).
 On reading the narrative without magical thinking or indoctrinated confirmation bias, we learn that Jesus was also married. Such a reading includes an understanding of Judaic customs (e.g., a man could never have been called Rabbi unless he was married). Jesus is eschatologically scheduled to bring kingdom accounting to bear on the ‘iniquity of the Amorites’, meaning Semites of Nimrud’s ilk who represent everyone who rejects his invitation to the final wedding feast.

Symbolically, the cosmogonic narrative says authority (scepter), governance (law), and the ark (heart) were vested in a Tabernacle (body) that held an altar (mind) for offerings (good deeds).

This holy place (community = body of Christ or ummah) is where what is celestial (meaning: good-willed decisions and deeds proceeding from the Abode of Judgement visavis ‘little judges’) and spiritual truths (logos: Creative Order) marry within human consciousness. Thus joining what is metaphysical and spiritual to physical mud/clay (see Eze 36:11), so that the human being is now called a “married land” — (Isa 62:4);
 Ever since our expulsion from Utopia (Eden), per Swedenborg’s paraphrased exhortation, humanity has been tasked to continue this ordering on earth as a  rite of passage into the initiated estate of intergalactic trust-worthiness in the next life. This pass/fail exam requires unwavering devotion to a well-developed aptitude to do good:

The temple of God and the altar in Rev 11.1 denote spiritual and celestial polities; 'to measure' denotes knowing the quantity and quality of truth and goodness when it says, 'Measure the temple and the altar and them that worship therein.' Worship is, therefore, much more than mere prayer. God demands offerings, which are the good deeds that result from obedient fruitfulness, which is why Jordan Peterson says you begin by cleaning your room. Jeremiah made this perfectly clear:
I spoke not unto your fathers nor commanded them concerning burnt offerings and sacrifices in the day that I brought them out of Egypt (Misr), but I commanded them to walk in the way (Dao) that I command. ~ Jer 7: 21-24

Which makes a literal temple useless.

Just as faith without love is like light without warmth, prayer without good deeds is like inviting your boss to an empty buffet table. The phrase, those who worship therein references men and women (created He them) who dwell within well-defined, well-proportioned communal borders doing the good deeds of obedient ordering in accord with Natural Law. This is true worship and requires no divinity degree or high-minded priest or bead-counting mullah.
 Thus, good-deed-doing folks are infused with morphogenic forces (logos) and govern themselves with primal esteem for Natural Law. They represent the kingdom’s industrious repose; i.e., rest in God or peace on earth. For this to occur, we must live in peace with neighbors.

Please take note: our closest neighbor under the sun is our spouse—followed by first-degree relatives.

This truth is where the redeeming grace of the Golden Rule meets confirmation bias with a sober reordering of priorities. Other than The Decalogue, therefore, all else is superfluous manufacture or apologies for lettres de marque for officials who confiscate our autonomy and stand as intermediaries between humanity and God. For this cause, not a few barking turbans and prelates pretend celibacy with long robes, prayer beads, and fancy dress, pretending a superior caste.
 Imagine a poly cultural cosmopolis with i) an Amish-like apartheid zeitgeist; ii) under the stewardship of Marcus Aurelius; iii) with the Great Khan or General Paton as enforcers; iv) Archimedes as city planner; v) Napoleon as Quartermaster; vi) and Frédéric Bastiat as Counsellor and Educator. Such a nation-state of well-married, well-governed people would be absent the pious pretense of shadow dwellers in thrall to Machiavellian handbooks, candle light vigils, grimoires, and mad madhab denizens of useless prattle. Citizens would be fully informed and prepared to defend kingdoms within and without without turning cheeks to Lenins, Idi Amins, ISIS/ISIL imams, or alcoholic cowards like Churchill. Project this dignitas (elan vitae) onto/into its city streets, concert halls, parliamentary procedures, green valleys, and deep blue seas, and one devastates Political Correctness with the redeemed cosmopolitanism Nietzsche had in mind.
 The problems we face, therefore, besides a lack of sound leadership and reason, result from a lack of relational relevancy due to the absence of knowledge synthesis that would otherwise provides us with the gestalt vision of divine guidance. Wherever and whenever there is no sensible appreciation-of and devotion-to the defense of purposeful human bonds that reverence forever consequences, there is no love of one’s neighbor. All are reduced to mercenary pursuits, which is why I put no Jew at the helm of our cosmopolis. They cannot be trusted with the commonweal because they require adult supervision.
 Metaphorically, Jerusalem is our imaginary cosmopolis, but it is no Crusader prize, Muslim shrine, or Capital for Israeli Mafiosi. True, the rock of Abraham is there, but it cares for itself and has no need of the rants and raves of bearded idolaters. The Kingdom of Divine Repose is Jerusalem of the mythos, built on the rock of knowledge synthesis that derives from ‘Revealed Knowledge’ and true worship, which is the doing of good deeds, beginning with our neighbor. This is Zion, a place of transcendence somewhere on Mt Moriah, a place never found because it is a mystic’s metaphor for divine inspiration. Such enlightened heights are not palaces designed for Pontifex Maximus encyclicals, Messianic ravings from ‘thank you Jesus’ or insh’Allah people awaiting Mahdi, or prayer-rocking Jews with manic forelocks.
 Jerusalem represents a preternatural civilization: the city of He Who Decides, where communal will is busy with the peaceful industry of submission to divine purpose, which is what Amish and Mennonites do with an enduring Puritan bias. Simply stated, Jerusalem is anywhere informed people decide to obey God Almighty. It is also why a third/fourth/fifth temple will never be built. Jews can’t do it because sacrifices required are good deeds for all of humanity. Besides this, it is forbidden. Indeed, Herod’s temple was the Third; a fourth was attempted under Julian the Apostate, and the ruins of yet another are on Elephantine Island — so much for the mythos.
 Reverence equates with respect, which equates with gratitude for the ability to enjoy the benefits of respiration and oxygenated blood flow. Its loss cancels communal goodwill along with divine order, godly oversight, and good-deed doing. Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn said its loss was responsible for Russian and all twentieth Century catastrophes at the hands of Amorites like Rothschild and Orsini clans. There are several others whom comprise the High Table mafia that owns and governs The Circus Immoral (see Sexology for The Wise, vol III).

Jerusalem is, therefore, not in Palestine but in every community where one finds the industrious repose of Peace on Earth & Good Will to All

— a place of wheat minus tares because tares are incapable of peaceful industry. Like Cain, they live from usufruct; the cunning enslavement and abuse of their neighbors.
 So then, just as a physical ecumene of whatever size depends on respiratory processes in continuity with  suitable venues that prospers functionally ensouled organisms evaginated from God knows where, so also peaceful human dwelling entirely depends on unity in good-willed enterprises. This unity of purpose is what Jesus described when he said: “I and the Originator are united in purpose,” which was erroneously translated as “I and the father are one”. He also said, “He or she who does the will of the Originator/Creator is my mother, brother and sister;” clearly indicating an obedient body politic.
 Ancient Israel under the prophets (prior to David and Saul) was meant to establish and propagate this cosmopolis and then export its formulae as God’s chosen example of successful human governance—with God as King—within and without at both micro and macro levels. Other prophets in other lands were similarly tasked. Instead, ancient Israel dedicated itself to low-life dust eating by rejecting God’s regency and Natural Laws (1 Sam 1-18), long before they rejected Jesus or Mohammad. They still demand a messianic monarch. This is why Samuel wept, just as Jesus wept over the loss of Jerusalem. All is metaphor that church fathers and bead clasping mullahs missed while urging disciples to murder each other.

Samuel then warned Israel that, thereafter, whenever they cried out for relief, the great I AM HE Who Decides would ignore them. Yet, with the help of hand-clasping Lucifers, they still vigorously pretend otherwise to this day.
Figuratively : truly redeemed "Jacob" represents ancient Israel as 'regenerate man'; the body-politic or son of the Man of God (the word ‘Prophet’ being equivalent to ‘son of man’).

This is to say a polity whose constituents submit to Natural Law and continue the ordering of earth as a test of their everlasting worth — with the word “man” representing a fully regenerated (spiritualized) human being.

Figuratively : the myths of Jerusalem and Zion represent heterosexual marriages (micro & macro) as archetypal children of God from WHOM all things fully human (spiritualized) flow; including scientific inquiries and knowledge of the Black Arts.

The latter being understood as devices that are not to be practiced.
 The Heart of Zion, its lion and  Christ, is the Mystical Spiritualized Heart of Rumi’s transcendent sensorium (see: Sexology 502.5, reference #149). Its metaphysical reach is contiguous with the consciously evolved chora of Kant's sensus communis (Islam's fitrah), as so unwittingly admitted by Nietzsche, the beloved misanthrope who failed to find the refuge of its temple of repose because he never happily married.

This essential organ of the living, breathing, electro-magnetically and constrained but resonant fully human soul, allows us to “taste” (touch) all things and beings as they are, including God (spirit) [56].

NB:  for a full dissertation, see Sexology For The Wise and TRUST, Ontology and Misplacement


Omar Zaid

Author, Editor, Physician & Essential Monotheist