Dumb & Getting Dumber

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Americans really are dumber than the average human.

The myth persists that the US has always led the world in quality of education, but this is nothing more than branding propaganda and part of the indoctrination process of American moral superiority that is wholly unsupported by facts. Consider this quote from an American education expert:

The US has never been first in the world, nor even near the top, on any international tests . . . Americans are "uneducated to a degree unmatched by many third-world countries . . . In math, reading, and technology-driven problem-solving, the United States performed worse than nearly every other country . . . only about 39% of students planning to attend university are in any way prepared for the world of higher education. More than 60% displayed functional illiteracy . . . In Washington DC, the nation's capital, almost 70% of college students fail to graduate.
Dumber than the average human -- Sott.net
Introduction For background, the Boston school system had for many years grappled with the problem of how to assign students to Boston’s public schools that could both let children attend one of the few good schools in the system while also...
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