Demonstrations are worthless, but this worked

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Huge & Immediate MAFA Lawsuit WIN!

Yeah, this feels GOOD.

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From Karina at

The secret behind Boston Mayor Michell Wu’s actions:

Feb 18, 2022

Five hours after Attorney Richard C. Chambers Jr. filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of his clients against " of the City of Boston, in her Official and Personal Capacities" - the mayor caved and lifted the unlawful forced vaccination card mandate.

Atty. Chambers filed the federal lawsuit at 2:00 p.m today (2/18/22), and Mayor Wu caved at 7:00 p.m.

It Only Took Five Hours.

Chambers had previously (10 days ago) petitioned the mayor in a letter, urging her to work within the law. She failed to take action until personally faced with Chambers' federal civil lawsuit.

Pages from the lawsuit (with plaintiffs including Shana Marie Cottone and Denice Barrass, and others) as filed today can be seen at

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