Delayed Mass Murder

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
Terrifying: Vaccines are taking an average of 5 months to kill people --
The CDC has been hiding the Social Security Administration death master file. I got it from a whistleblower. This shows deaths are taking 5 months from the jab to happen. This is why it’s hard to see. The key point is this: The UK data shows...

This graph, which is not publicly available, is from the US Social Security death master file. It compares deaths from 2021 to deaths in 2020. You simply cannot get such a rise in deaths like that unless something very deadly is affecting massive numbers of people. This explains why insurance companies all over the world were seeing massive death spikes in Q3 and Q4 of 2021. The vaccine was simply taking an average of 5 months from the most recent injection to kill people. The peak here is September 9, 2021.

Another analysis using only European data found the exact same 5 month delay!

more studies confirm these results . . .

The fact that up to 93% of people dying have these clots (which likely killed them) is quite troubling. This is interesting. It's unlikely that there are example of both parents dying within 1 month of vax, but it's not hard to find both parents dying around 5 months from vax

It was wrong to assume that most of the vaccine-related deaths were happening shortly after vaccination. Some are, but most are not. It's just that they were easier to notice when there was temporal proximity to the jabs.

If someone you know died around 5 months after vaccination, you should definitely have a proper autopsy done as described in my earlier interview with Ryan Cole.

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