vaccine can reduce the flow of blood to the heart, damage heart tissue, and greatly increase the risk of a heart attack. The authors are telling readers point-blank that the vaccine can either kill or severely injure them.

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
COVID mRNA shots are a ‘technology designed to poison people’: Canadian doctor - LifeSite
Dr. Michael Palmer explained that the mRNA mechanism has the same result as radiation treatments for cancer patients and there are limits on how much the human body can withstand before dying.

As a result, once these toxic lipids enter the cell, “they tend to disrupt the mitochondrial respiration, the cell respiration,” which is a process that humans need “for producing energy.” Palmer states that if this process is disrupted, the oxygen from respiration is not properly “reduced to water” but instead is reduced to “reactive oxygen species” that can “react with anything,” including “our DNA” in a way that inflicts “damage.”

... the great scandal is that no proper toxicity studies have been carried out … But … we can be certain that in principle, we can be quite certain that the total dose of these vaccines that you can tolerate before you die is limited,”

NB: all animals in preliminary studies of these same vaccines died – ALL OF THEM!

Spike protein increases heart attacks and destroys immune ​system

... big news organizations and social media giants are going to make sure it never sees the light of day.

But just read that one paragraph over again and try to grasp what the authors are saying.

They're saying that many people who choose to get vaccinated will either die or have years shaved off their lives. And-remember-this isn't an opinion piece. It's science.

It's also a straightforward repudiation of a mass vaccination campaign that is demonstrably killing people.

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