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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Alaykum Selam dear Dr. Omar,
thank you for your fast response! I'm sure you are very busy, may Allah s.a.w. be pleased. Thank you for sharing this, as well. Prayers for strength and guidance now coming our way are much needed. We are at war and tomorrow is one battle.

Right now Marko is giving a speech in Zadar, before the big protest in Zagreb tomorrow at 3 P.M. our time. I found a little reportage in English:
You can see  their demands are stupid. The organizers are not going to allow Marko to speak, but still, a little number of people of reason, good people, support him and help him. Thousands of people will gather tomorrow. So far, the protests were all songs and pleads to government, pointless to attend.

Marko's idea is the only strong idea we have, the only option for a game change, the only hope (for now). His life and property is at risk. So we will see what will unfold.
I'm here for anything you wish to know, I'm here.
I wish you a peaceful night,

Marko's speech from yesterday with English subtitles:

After that, they went to the Croatian National Television building with a group of protesters but they didn't let them in, of course, or give a reason why. So people went home, but there is a change in conscience of people and there's no going back or standing still. All in all, very positive outcomes.
We're preparing to organize something new.
Btw there were protests these days also in Vienna, Rotterdam, Ljubljana and that's just the ones I know of, probably there are more.


Selam Alaykum brother Omar,
Situation has turned for better regarding reach and in just a few days sleeping lions have awoken, praise to Allah. Of course, now I am under regime media and disinfo agents attack by all their dirty tricks. But, they are desperate, they now don't know what to do and their main ''argument'' against me is that I am muslim. This will blow back in their faces inshAllah. In 90% chatolic population, a muslim to be cheered by gathered masses on capital main square is Allah miracle by itself. Of course, nothing is over, this is just the first step in a long, long war that is already here and it will be victorious God willing because a believer can not lose when he is fighting on Lord's path. Also, if needed, we have options for hijrah in Bosnia, Macedonia and even Yemen, which I consider the best option, but it is hardest to reach. Speaking of Yemen, Saudis are on the run, this could be great turning point in all muslim world, God willing.

Here are some videos from the gathering which was secretly government controlled, but, gathered Croatian warriors, young and old, demanded and by will of Allah broke the spirit of this main guy who did everything to stop me from getting on stage. This was a historic moment, hard to explain, it is still a miracle to me how it turned from desperate act here in Zadar, and after few days it came to this. The response was like a bushfire. Now there are, of course, saboteurs who are trying to copy me and my initiative as theirs so the regime can keep it under control as it is used to.


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