Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

Selam dear Mr. Omar,
Thank you for your contact and concern :)

Yes, we are fine, Subhanallah.

The protest went good, actually, it was a game changer. How Marko said: Croatian lions woke up, and never again will they return to being sheep. He managed to go on stage, people were shouting his name. The hearts were pumping in sync, connected, all of the 100 000 people there stopped and LISTENED to him. They said that the last time they felt it, it was in 1991., when we had to go to war for our Croatia. Much more happened after that, we are preparing for a new move.
I know you don't have much time to go into all the detail, I am sending some materials and all the new things we will have, I will send.

Quick video of the protest:

Look how they listened to him:

The song in the end, from the war times, goes: "Call for us, just call for us, all the falcons will give their lives for you":

I wish you all well dear brother.
Kind regards,

UPDATE 30 Nov 21

Hello dear brother,
We managed to put up another subtitled video. This one is so that you can get to know Marko better. He applied for city assembly, but just to get this 3 min on television, to try to break thru the hypnosis of the masses. That glass fortress of Croatian Radiotelevision has to come back to the hands of croatian people, because so far it's run by... You know who. This video shows a lot I think.

If you have any questions or thoughts, let me know.
Alaykum selam,


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