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How do I contact Dr. Omar Zaid? One on One session etc,.

Our community platform is a maintained service made readily available to AL GINKGO members. In the forum you can converse, partake in projects, access vital information, ask your questions and directly speak with Dr. Omar Zaid. It will also allow us to get to know each other and in a hopeful mind of state, benefit each other.

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Just like any other technical based system, errors and glitches can occur. Inform us immediately of your login issues, and we will do our very best to restore your access immediately. Technical/billing issues -

Emails unrelated to issues will be ignored.

Dr. Omar Zaid

Dr. Omar Zaid receives many emails every day. Though he would really like to respond to each one promptly, his demanding schedule limits his time that he can allot to very few inquiries. That being said, important/Emergency messages can be sent to the email with 'For Dr. Omar Zaid' in the subject. The AL GINKGO team will ensure he receives the email and do their best to secure a reasonably prompt reply. Please forgive us for any shortcoming in this matter.

For fraud related incidents/issues contact
For a One on One with Dr. Omar Zaid, aka a Video chat, click here

The official YouTube Channel is @DrOmarZaid.

The Official Facebook page is @Dr.OmarZaid.

Official Public announcements and information will be posted to social media as an extension of AL GINKGO's platform. You can find the uncensored cuts of our videos here: Rumble & Our Self Hosted Video Platform.

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What If I cannot Afford some of the products/memberships in the store?It is a Al Ginkgo policy that no customer will be turned away due to lack of funds. If you cannot afford a certain product, please email us at and we shall arrange to