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Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid


The so-called Federal Government  is a foreign corporation under contract to provide our States with nineteen enumerated services directed by our Trustee, the British Monarch and her/his corporate Executive Officer, known as the President of the United States. The Federal Government has been operated under conditions of semantic deceit and fraud by the Federal Reserve System doing business as the United States of America, Inc.  and later, by the IMF doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC). These banking cartels, operating similarly named  governmental services corporations, have colluded to seize and misappropriate our credit and to hypothecate debt against our assets, and they have done this under international law by creating trusts and transmitting utilities merely named after us and by committing a crime known as ‘personage ’ against us — which involves deliberately confusing a corporation like “J.C. PENNY ” with a living man named james-clarence-penny … All these legal fictions bearing your name are operated in foreign international jurisdictions under the Law of the Sea [Maritime Law] and none of them have a damned thing to do with you, except to function as devices to defraud you and control you and enslave you and lay false claims against your labor and other property assets [12e].

Those I call evil [are] utterly dedicated to preserving a self-image of perfection and unceasingly engage in efforts to maintain the appearance of moral purity… they dress well, go to work on time, pay their taxes, and outwardly live lives that are above reproach… The words image,  appearance  and outwardly  are crucial to understanding the morality of the evil… as they intensely desire to appear good. Their goodness is all on a level of pretense. It is, in effect, a lie. They are the people of the lie, a lie designed not so much to deceive others as to deceive themselves. They cannot or will not tolerate the pain of self-reproach. The decorum with which they lead their lives is maintained as a mirror in which they see themselves reflected righteously [11c].

Obsession with religious or patriotic ritual describes this lot. Their politically correct psychology ‘saves face’ at all costs, which, when institutionally applied, demeans and condemns the world’s Billy Budds [ 22 ], which perfectly depicts the Heart of Darkness in Conrad ’s definitive study of hypocrisy [23 ] — a sin that ably produces Brown Sahibs who run commonwealth nations. Indeed, a cloak of pretentious benevolence and virtue adorns the foreign policy of Fabian wolves and trained canines out of London ’s Obedience-School of Economics, or Tavistock  and Frankfurt  critical theory hounds who, after a few score decades, have done precious little to mitigate or expose the beastly corporate charade because they promote it.

The whole world is in a myopic swoon chanting alpha waves of sustainability  and growth, covid, woke, and social warriors while morality, environment, education and higher cultures suffer multiple insults and demoralizing degradation — a remarkable evil. Monotheist scriptures call this faithfully exercised denial, reprobation  and strong delusion, the final sub-human condition before divine judgment demands recompense. This condition presently appears to embrace the masked collective. Captains are no less committed than commanders-in-chief to the notion that institutions under their direction are dedicated to magnificent principles. They poison the Earth, undermine true democratic principles, bribe, destroy, manipulate, shred jobs, wreck communities, and generally ruin lives (human and other) while routinely claiming to act in the higher compassionate interests of the greater common good [11a].

The US government is the worst criminal enterprise that has ever existed on Earth … As a former professor of economics, Wall Street Journal editor, and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, I am astonished at the corruption that rules in the financial sector, the Treasury, the financial regulatory agencies, and the Federal Reserve. In my day, there would have been indictments and prison sentences of bankers and high government officials.  ~ PC Roberts

If only more of today ’s military personnel would realize that the owning elite is using them as a publicly subsidized capitalist goon squad. ~ Maj Gen Smedly Butler, USMC.

Our predatory elites, have retreated to their own versions of Anasazi Great Houses, with access to private security, private education, private medicine, private transportation, private sources of water and food and luxury items that are unavailable to the wider population, have walled out reality. Their hubris and myopia , as well as blind obedience to an ideology-global capitalism-that benefits them but accelerates social and environmental destruction, mean they have only bought a little more time before they succumb like the rest of us. ~ Chris Hedges

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