Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

The Subversion of Reason

Connecting his brain to the internet will become a necessity for anybody, who will wish to be recognized for his intellectual activity, since without it he will not be able to compete with others on the labor market. According to scientists this submission to machines will produce the bypassing of the normal sensorimotor function of brains and bodies. The human being will no longer be in natural contact with its immediate environment and derive from this interaction its thoughts, deeds and decisions... If neuro-marketing companies are allowed to manipulate the minds of customers, governments would feel silly to not use it to convince citizens about the usefulness of their projects. Of course those projects will reflect the needs and opinions of the richest national and international corporations and bankers. If mankind advances in this direction, it will basically accept the Chinese model and will inevitably abandon democracy, since it will be governed by principles that “someone“ will download on the internet... the same effects as those from sending electrical currents into the brain can be achieved by transmission of microwaves, pulsed in brain frequencies, or extra-long electromagnetic waves in brain frequencies into the brain, or by any other energy devised by quantum physics transmitted into the brain (light), which will be converted there into electric currents in brain frequencies...  If those transmitted phrases were converted into ultrasound, people would not hear them and for that matter would not realize them, but the brain would accept them and in this way they would become the “thoughts“ of the targeted person... these technologies are already being used... if we are not careful the outcome can be the rise of digital dictatorships. In the 21st century we may be enslaved under digital dictatorships... scientists feel free to work on the development of nanobots — nanoparticles which can penetrate into the blood and connect the brain to internet... Professor of mechanical engineering at the University in San Diego, James Friend, believed in 2017 that effective use of nanobots could start in two to five years. In 2018 James Giordano, working for The American Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, said in a lecture for military cadets that several weeks ago his agency succeeded in producing nanoparticles which can be aerosolized and when breathed in will penetrate into the brain and control its activity.  

~ Mojmir Babacek

Even without these impositions, what subverts intuitive reflection is what Fr. Rose called “histrionic imagery” [79]. Theatre floods modern society and is akin to Mystery Religion idolatry, which is socialist leveling that promotes egalitarian fantasy. Hence, we need to protect children from vain imaginations that supplant an otherwise untainted infra-sensible template. Significations (signs/semiotics) triggered by artificial imprints (imagery) on infra-sensible neuroplastic networks obviate reflective thought by providing ready-made solutions. Icons, logos, sigils, etc. inhibit inter-cerebral cum pan-neural integrations that would otherwise establish the cognizant relational empathy found among indigenous cultures who raise children far from mad and maddening PR firms.

Artificial imprinting produces a kind of obsession with ‘thought burdens’ divorced from truth, nature and Vygotsky’s existential ZPD sphere of necessity, yet are perceived as reality. Such impositions on developing brains result in neuronal networks habituated to the mediation of falsehoods, or, said differently: with the irrelevance of non-existential detritus — especially if reinforced by peer pressure and the mindless authoritarian training that made Monty Python’s oppositional career. Every-one enjoys laughing at the absurdities but few are cognizant enough to boldly murder those responsible and thus put an end to its organized evil.

Cognitive subversion involves the neglect- and/or lack of rigorous validation of knowledge and methodology, a matter that plagues higher education and the scientific literature that informs many, including early childhood educators [57, 80]. Mindless automaticity, previously implied as theory, is now a disturbing scientific fact [81]{ } and particularly pertains to political cults:

This is why Kant despised ‘common sense’. Rene Guenon defined the contemporary subversion of reason as follows:

… The manifestation of an exemplary counterfeit pseudo-essence of what was once living tradition: a Counter-Tradition that exists only as a parasite on the body of truth as political correctness [83].

Malcolm X objected to the reversal of a morally imbued social order as an oppressive “manifest destiny” by saying: “Only a fool would let his enemies educate his children” — which is reason enough for Lincoln to have studied by oil lamp.

Reason’s counterfeiters murdered both men.

Much More To Come  insh'allah


Omar Zaid

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