Sexology for the Wise ~ OMAR ZAID, M.D

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an excerpt from 'Sexology for the Wise' by Dr. Omar Zaid. #ALGINKGO

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

'Sexology For the Wise' is soon coming! @ ALGINKGO.COM

The child’s community thereby disaffirms by deed what it teaches is worthy. Authorities refuse to look at collective crimes against selves and humanity. They practice a moral code that conditions children to dwell in a state of cognitive dissonance. Educational and political hierarchies favor the least qualified (best conditioned) in seats of clout. The sexology muddle exacerbates the dilemma when core human identity serves evil, both wittingly and not. Incoherence reigns. Social maladies and growing dystopia are thus irresolvable without collective contrition, which involves admissions of error, guilt, and liability. This mundane sink of neglect deepens when graver sins are swept under carpets of apathy.

Too few care enough or are empowered to kill those guilty (Mark of Cain). Children are forced to accept falsehood and insincerity as adjuncts to the pretense of laudable life ways: be they farce, charade, circus, travesty, or sham. The grand conundrum routinely presents conflicts of interests without remedy while avoiding justice (adab). Despite serial wars and high crimes committed by high tables, genuine enemies of truth are rarely put to death. Accordingly, where the infant began in earnest, the reformed adolescent mimes ignorance, lies, misdeeds, and misplaced trust in those who pretend to guard fitrah and the commonweal.

Such are the lives of blinded liars and their offspring for want of meaning, purpose, social order, identity, and trustworthy human touch.
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Omar Zaid

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