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Dr. Kilian brought up informed consent and what she considered a coercive mentality ... By the time this is tested in court, Pandoras Box will be opened and millions irreversibly damaged. THEY KNOW THIS. ~ oz

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
Ontario doctor resigns over forced vaccines, says 80% of ER patients with mysterious issues had both shots - LifeSite
Dr. Rochagné Kilian asked a hospital system CEO some tough questions about unethical behaviour and he deferred to the government.

the Ontario government has admitted that at least one of the vaccines pushed on the public has caused serious heart problems in young men, who are at virtually no statistical risk of suffering severely from COVID.

the vaccines are still under experimental trial, they are being implemented under a research-based framework

the ethical framework is being ignored, thus health workers and citizens are being forced to take something against their will that is not proven to be safe or effective

HERE IS ARROGANT TYRANNY:  Sims reacted sharply to Kilian and said, “Nobody is forcing you to do this, you have a right to say no, but the reality is the government has the right to say that you’re not employed... “When the law looks at it, the law is saying you have the right to do it [enforcing vaccine mandates],” he added.

After careful review, Kilian said " The only constant factor … that changed [in patient presentations] was the injection of an experimental biologic.

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