Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid
CDC Website Reveals Police Power Will be Used at Quarantine Stations for the “Benefit of Society”
Cambodia quarantine camp (satyobchod) The CDC stated on its website (last reviewed Sept. 2021) that to control the spread of disease within their borders, states have laws to enforce the use of isolation and quarantine. The law also includes the use of police power functions in their quarantine stat…

Australia’s Northern Territory banned Unvaccinated Residents from Exercising or going to Work ://

No masks = no money from the swamp:

AJ DePriest Uncovers The Enormous Covid Bribes To All Education And Hospitals From The US Government | From the Trenches World Report January 8th, 2022.

If  men and women in uniform don't stop them we will lose the right to breathe clean air and your children will hate you for being so cowardly and stupid ...


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