Professional Avoidance Syndrome

we need to charge all of these corrupt Health officials, Government officials, Hospital administrators, Doctors, Politicians, Media execs, Tech execs who participated in any of these Covid crimes

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

..He saw and documented an alarming increase of "vaxxed patients"   presenting with strokes , seizures, bood clots, paralysis ,heart attackes and inflamation .. as well as rashes , hives etc. Some nurses and EMt's there have suffered paralysis  and heart attacks after receiving the vax. He also noted an increase in anaphylactic shock incidences from things like bee stings.. occurring in vaccinanated people who had never had this type of allergy before.

Most of the Dr and nurses were choosing to look the other way and not document  the health issues occurring within days, weeks and months  of receiving the vax. and boosters. . Documentation of such adverse reactions requires DRs to fill out about 40ish pages per incident and do hours of research to find out the vaccine vial info such as lot # , manufacturer etc Dr are not doing reporting this because of this .

BC Nurses Suffer Heart Attacks After Being Vaccinated
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