Arcana Regarding Genesis

Omar Zaid
Omar Zaid

A reading that parallels Dr Hany Atchan's Abrahamic Locution

THE LIGHT OF GENESIS   by Dr Omar Zaid. Written in 2005 and recently revised for my book on Sexology (All Rights Reserved)

Our science is but a drop, our ignorance a sea. Whatever else be certain, this at least is certain: that the world of our present natural knowledge is enveloped in a larger world of some sort, of whose residual properties we at present can frame no positive idea ~ William James
All the bright lights of heaven will I make dark over thee, and set darkness upon thy land, saith the Lord God. I will also vex the hearts of many people, when I shall bring thy destruction among the nations, into the countries which thou hast not known. ~Ezek 32:8-9

My contemplation of Genesis had been stymied for years by lifeless atomizations and speculations from stunted catechisms. Over time I met with source materials that revealed metaphorical descriptions in accord with the scientific record. They suggested a re-creation following an unimaginably ancient catastrophe. Moreover, I discovered that words translated as ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ really meant significant and insignificant luminaries, respectively placed in the heavens a day later than grass, herb, and fruit trees. The word used for ‘heavens’ literally means ‘The Abode of Judgment', the same term used by Lao Tse and Confucius.

Although pointedly brief, at least two creation events are recorded and refer to eons of time, the first of which reference the ‘foundations of the world’, which is to say, the entire cosmos. Attention given to Spaceship Earth is an entirely separate event. The King’s English, as commonly used, woefully renders Gen 1:2. For example, Hebrew, which is no older than the 9th Century BCE, has no equivalent for the verb was. Hence, the text better reads came to pass waste and empty, which is less palatable but far more accurate. God’s Adamite-friendly refurbishing of the earth is perhaps a microcosmic recapitulation of a grander cosmic event. Chapter Two speaks of Eden, Humanity’s fall, and the saga of Cain, whose mercenary offspring earned the Abode of Judgement’s ire after incorporating precepts that now underscore The Circus Immoral in murderous city-states. These are folks who brag about their prowess; a bit like Goliath. The book is a collage of allegories and metaphors, most of which were never intended to be written or taken literally by starchy Puritans armed with dogmatic fervor and insufficient corn. Gen 1:1-3 more accurately reads:

From the best (or first fruits), Elohim shaped the abode of judgment and the firm place. The firm place came to pass waste and empty, and darkness was upon the countenance of deep places, and the breath of Elohim brooded before the presence of the waters. Elohim said:
‘Become Light’, after which fire (or judgment) came to pass. Elohim inspected the light (judgment) that it was good, and set the light apart in the midst of the darkness.

One wonders what ‘first fruits’ were; especially since they existed before the cited creation.  Water is present, inferring pre-existence. As it is an important allegorical substrate throughout scripture and is essential for life, we ask why ‘Let there be Water’ is not recorded? Neither did God say, ‘Let there be light’, also inferring pre-existence. God’s breath or spirit, whatever that is, brooded (whatever that is), then commanded waters  to become light, after which new ‘light’ (with fire as its source per Hebrew root), came to pass within those brooded-over waters. God inspects His newly lit waters and sets them aside in the midst of the darkness. These specially apportioned waters seem to be held in reserve and appear, at least to this writer, to have become informed creatures that somehow evaginated from the Abode of Judgment into the firm place with powers of reasoning; perhaps as precursors of David’s little gods (see Psalm 82:5). Revelations 17:25 says waters are peoples and nations out of which derive the beast (imperialist institutions established by unredeemed men) that serves the harlot (people unfaithful to scripture). Other passages suggest that waters also represent ‘truths’ darkened by babblers with prayer beads who mis-translate scripture, perhaps on purpose.

Keeping ‘meaningfulness’ in mind while ignoring detours via high occultism’s imperialist bent, I suggest these circumspect allegories relate something of salvation versus damnation. Pauline writings say God set the light apart in the midst of the darkness (verbatim), and John says God chose His people from the beginning, including benevolent misanthropes, surly philosophers, and big-hearted post office workers. Altogether, this infers foreknowledge rather than predetermination, indicating that ‘choices by instinct’ rather than formal religious instruction is the authentic touchstone, which doesn’t say very much for church steeples modeled on Roman temples of idolatry.

John, the better read of all unknown authors, also said the darkness began passing away during the advent of Jesus because, as Messiah—the perfect reflector and refractor of significant light (God’s Governance , Will and Law: logos) from The Abode of Judgment. His luminal career hinged on The Golden Rule to love neighbors, brothers, sisters, and parents, as ourselves (do unto others). He also said these are folks who do the will of the Originator — ‘father’ being a suspect rendering. Hence, the darkness spoken of in Genesis is likely the same set of falsehoods that stymied my initial contemplations. This absence of light seems to derive from creatures who tend to overshadow Natural Law, science, and relevant interpretations of literary allegory.

CAVEAT: There is no commandment to love reprobates of The Circus Immoral; people who despise the divine order governed by The Abode of Judgment. Turning the other cheek and permitting them to rob, kill and destroy, describes highly conditioned cowards. The type of love that infuses the ideal cosmopolis is specific, discerning, and apartheid, exactly as described by the NT Greek term, agape. It is not tolerant effeminate niceness. It is rock hard maleness that draws a line in the sand and says 'you shall not pass'.

Relatives of logos are disciplined, discerning, informed, and observant of the divinely ordered proportions that maintain and prosper life; folks who admit the use of Thor’s hammer or 1911 Colt to protect good seed. Agape is why Jesus cured the Centurion’s servant (Matt 8:5-13): a man who commanded the hammer of God for Caesar. And for those wondering why Jesus told Peter to put his sword away in the garden, it’s because the Roman Guard would have decorated olive trees with pre-apostolic entrails. So stop the pretense and get down to hammer and colt business.

The Circus Immoral has been given Nemesis License to pretend Messianic politics and the demanding work of endless sedition against agape-tasking. This trial evermore condemns its hirelings, management, owners, and sponsors from beyond the pale; while challenging the courage, wit, and discernment of light-bearers with overbearing legal systems that resists justice (Bastiat). Reprobates therefore appear to have informed the darkness that covered the surface of the deep before God said become light to its countenance.

The deep represents wisdom, knowledge, and experiences that have been covered by the muck of higher criticism, vain theology, and jejune positivism. This pool of radiant refraction includes all of science, which, in the end, inevitably declares the perfection of divine proportions and measures. Insignificant light was also placed in the Abode of Judgement, and likely accounts for sundry mythological beings worshipped as gods. Loki immediately comes to mind as a member of the Divine Counsel of the Sons of God mentioned in Job 1:6 and elsewhere.

The compounded ignorance thus exposed aids and abets evil when fealty is not given to the wise. This and confirmation bias assure democratic failure, which is why The Circus Immoral takes special steps to maintain darkness with educational policies, media, and texts that obtain a poorly informed citizenry. Similar barriers likely preceded the Adamic re-creation and enveloped several species of sub-human hominids and whatever other creatures existed before grey matter bearers engaged sufficient reason to build Göbekli Tepe and lift themselves from vagabond status. Along the way, I imagine not a few disciples of unsung prophets began conflating allegories and metaphors with historicity. It’s only natural.

Highly imaginative balderdash eludes higher sensibility by extending the ancient darkness of inadequately described Mystery Religions to political scientists, economists, and not a few monkey worshippers in Delhi; all of whom enjoy selling sunless empires of misguided metaphysics. “They muddy the water, to make it seem deep," said Nietzsche. Their murky shadows are ever evident, and please note that unknown writers of Genesis never called the deep, ‘darkness’, which means that the muddy surface of ‘things seen’ is a magician’s trick. Moreover, countless vainglorious imaginations are variously described as Insignificant Luminaries who pretend Significance; Freemasonry being a prime example. One can always recognize false light by the pomp of red carpets, gravely inscribed cornerstones, false hope parades, and gilded regalia. In the end, the apocalypse produces lettres de cachet issued on the other side of the evagination pale in the Abode of Judgement, where all things great and small are decided.

True metaphysical guidance comprises transcendent communiques for those who attend divine counsel as a matter of habit regardless of expressed creed. As the last great Rabbi said: “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit (the guiding light of divine breath and inspiration), you cannot enter the kingdom of God.” Thus, baptismal founts and river dips in no way guarantee or facilitate this reality; e.g., baptized American Christians who’ve murdered millions of innocents before and after 9/11 are proof enough. Guidance springs from the kingdom within, so said the Son of Mary, vainly called a literal ‘Son of God’, one of many pagan predecessors — a title never literally intended. The latter error (literalism) is one of the thickest shrouds of mud ever to cover the deep.

My review of Genesis ended before I read Al’Qur’an, which, to my surprise, agreed with this purview:

The Qur’an says this present life is our second life. Our first life was in a form of spirit in a Barzakh-like place [the unseen world from which we evaginate]. There, Allah took an oath from all of us that when we come to this world we will worship (obey) only him and no one else. But when he sent us into this world he removed this oath from our conscious memory as a trial. Thus, it is inherently atavistic in keeping with scientific observations of young children: And [mention] when your Lord took from the children of Adam, from their loins, their descendants and made them testify of themselves, [saying to them], “Am I, not your Lord?” They said, “Yes, we have testified — lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection, ‘Indeed, we were of this unaware.’ ~ Al-A’raf: 172

Thus, before earth ages began (Titus 1:2) peoples and nations destined to come to pass were initiated into a ‘covenant of light’. They then donned duly prepared solutions of cosmic dust in evaginating bubbles of fluid-filled mummy-tummy sacs. This is why children recognize ritual-free divine sovereignty prior to vigorous instruction in vain rites and religious bias. Thus was our inborn sense of spiritual reality founded. Even so, many do not reflect while opting for social safety nets provided by shifting tides of traditionally provided insignificant light. The Circus Immoral’s growing technocratic collective also questions the wisdom of God’s indifference to matters of human choice, which is untrue. If it were so, there would be no communiques from heaven. What God is divinely indifferent to are consequences of human choice. Consider Karma a chemical equation or first-class software for reliable hardware and you get the idea. Divine communiques (Scriptures) provide instructions for optimized alchemy. Ignore or tamper with them at your peril.

Reforms all too often extend the darkness. As proof, I offer the idolatry of Manly P Hall’s Freemasonry, which has ruled and ruined the earth and its peoples with imperial impudence for three hundred years. All such lights suffer Fate’s relentless longing for duty where determinants and consequences are inevitable, individually specific, and yet crown suspect seers with halos. End-results are gradations of reward and/or punishment (justice), which serve as grist for formulaic dramas. Simplistic maybe? But God’s gaming rules, of which we all are aware in the depth of our chora, are pretty straightforward.

Heaven is extraordinarily generous and exceedingly magnanimous as it facilitates and coordinates evaginations of water, light, breath, and dust. Humans generally are not. As fish in God’s aquarium, reformers place the Devil in muddy details, and almost all have a distinct tendency to bend or remove celestial regulations when out on the town. Satan’s Lettres de marque & cachet  give him license to take as many to hell as possible and by any means necessary. Thus, compounded numbers of religious ignoramuses under such muddy auspices especially welcome his expertise when misguiding lights of dogma needs imprimatur. ISIS, for example, is known to have several Mossad agents at its helm, just like Egypt.

So then, after foreseeing Joseph Conrad’s soulless Prussians and rotten Russians, God qualified and appointed more wholesome waters to participate in His infinite beneficence by commanding them to ‘become light’, which He inspected for goodness and determined they were so — the root of this light being reverent fear of the fires of justice (Abode of Judgment). Perhaps this is the light that birthed self-consciousness and conscience; after all, Wisdom begins with a reverent fear of the Lord. We might then say that the ‘Day of the Lord’ is the ‘Day of Fire’ or ‘Judgment Day’. We could also call it the ‘Day of the Lamp’ per Al’ Qur’an; a light that exiles all things evil:

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within the glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things [Al’Qur’an 24:35].

Sons of Darkness are not guided to this light even though Sons of God (prophets like Iesa/Jesus) were set in place as perfectly clear lamp reflectors. This day of fire is a period, epoch, or era, in which God grants eternal refuge to hearts that never lost the oil of eternal optimism, of concentrated light, the same oil mentioned in the NT’s allegorical Wedding Feast  where guests are called God’s Bride, He being Rumi’s, “the beloved.” This bride never abandoned God’s pure primordial covenant for the harlot and kept to His Golden Rules. This is faith. Folks who attend self-serving festivities discard celestial oil for dust-bound grease, sulfur, and kerosene. They will not enter the feast or marriage bed.

To recap:
When God inspected the waters of Genesis He foresaw that many would become ungrateful for His efforts on their behalf and choose to oppose His logos. Therefore, he set aside legitimate torchbearers in the midst of fiefdoms granted to soon-to-be tares. One such pathfinding line settled in Jerusalem (Jebus) among human sacrificing Canaanites whose deeds are still being carefully dusted by archeologists. Some of these Syrian-Phoenician Amorites included the Jebusite clan who never left, even when the City of David failed to keep its pathfinder covenant after one generation.

By the way, David is also called a ‘Son of God’ (prophet) in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Prior to that age, Noah’s ark had landed on another mount.

Understand that mythological arks have nothing to do with empire or the Sion of Mt Hermon’s Golan Heights, or Templar Myths of the Holy Grail, or Guillaume de Gellone’s Merovingian Long Hairs and lying mystics of the Languedoc-Cathar-Sephardi who eschewed the marriage bed. These roots extend to Danites and the neo-Dionysian lust of Carpocrates of Alexandria, a Jew who dressed Hadrian’s pederasty in Gnostic Christian garb, a crime worthy of reprobate Israel’s Danites who witnessed the ascendance of Phoenician Troy.

If you follow their polyglot name-place trails, many lead to Dan-mark and beyond, along the Dan-ube and sundry ancient waters—even to Paris and London, founded as New Troy by Brut of Troy, grandson of Aeneas.

Now, since the Whole is Greater than the sum of its parts and especially greater than parts pretending to captain Earth’s ark, it is best to obtain a gestalt perspective because Biblical Arks have only one purpose, which is to save the seed. My supple fusion of scriptural and historical streams is a sunken river that runs in the deep yet has withstood muddy liars and hard-hearted dogma lovers exactly as designed.

So then, put on your diving suit if you are to study with me or Dr Hany Atchan.


Omar Zaid

Author, Editor, Physician & Essential Monotheist